Saturday, 20 July 2013

July favourites 2013

Hey everyone,
So I haven't done a favourites video since May...oops! I just haven't been loving many nw products, and I was waiting to find new products to use and enjoy. Hope you like the video!
Emma-Kate xxx

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Boots, Superdrug, Accessorize and more haul!

Hey everyone, 
So I am going on holiday soon and I went on a shopping trip yesetrday to pick up the last few pieces I need! 
So the first shop I went in was Superdrug, and I bought the new MUA illuminating foundation, an MUA lipstick and a miss sporty mini-me eyeliner in an emerald green shade. I think this will make my brown eyes stand out really well and I think it is such a bright, lovely shade for summer! 

The next shop I went to was Boots. I spent over an hour in there as I am so indecisive! 

I was in there for so long, I was handed 2 samples if a neutrogena exfoliator by the same woman! I can't wait to try these, and they will be so useful for travelling.  I also picked up a new collection lasting perfection concealer, because my other one dried up. It lasted 4 months so I think that's pretty great!           

I also bought 2 of the L'oreal Matt and Messy shine free salt sprays, one for me and one fo rmy sister. I have been looking for a decent salt spray for ages, which isn't going to cost me loads, so I can't wait to see if this is good.

Also from Boots, I bought the Models Own colour lip-stix in 'Coral Kiss'. It is the most gorgeous shade EVER, and I am so so excited to use this! I will definitely be posting a review soon.

Lastly from Boots, I bought the L'oreal Micellar solution and the collection extreme 24 hour felt tip liner. I think the cleanser is like Bioderma and I am loving it so far!

From Debenhams, I picked up the Burts Bees lip balm and the Granier Ambre Solaire sun cream in SPF50.

I also went to WH Smith to get some books for my holiday. I bought the Great Gatsby, the fault in our stars and looking for Alaska. The John Green books are absolutely amazing so I had to buy some more. I read the fault in our stars the day I went shopping and finished it; I couldn't put it down! Such an incredible book, although I was bawling my eyes out for a long time after I'd finished it.

I bought a magazine in there too, just to get this Balance Me face wash! :P The magazine was only £2 and I really wanted to get this cleanser.

Lastly, I went to one of my all time favourite shops; Accessorize! I picked up a pretty bikini, some gorgeous flipflops and some sunglasses. I am actually allergic to flipflops (or the material they're made of) and my skin gets red, irritated and inflamed. Also, they cut my feet and sea salt goes into the cut and it really really hurts! However, I don't have much else to wear on the beach so I've decided to give them another try, and I'm wearing them around my room to break them in.

Hope you liked this post everyone! My july favourites are going up soon :)
Lots of love,

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

REVIEW: Bodyshop tea tree pore minimiser | Handpicked Beauty

Hey everyone,
So for ages I have wanted the Benefit porefessional, but didn't want to splash out on £24.50 for something that goes beneath my makeup. When I saw this pore minimiser for a much more reasonable£7.50, at the Bodyshop, I couldn't resist buying it. Claiming to be full of tea tree, mattifying and coupled with the label 'Suitable for blemished skin' it promises a lot. It still isn't quite in the 'drugstore' bracket, so it is still fairly pricey compared to other primers, however compared to porefessional or other high end primers, I think it is a fully reasonable and justifiable price.

I haven't used a primer before, but as it;'s summer and I have combination skin, it seems a good idea as the primer will temporarily fill your pores with clean goodness without blocking them, instead of dirt which will potentially result in blackheads or any other annoying blemishes.

I really love this product! It melts into the skin and helps your skin stay clean for the day. It has a strong tea tree odour which I personally love, as I feel like it smells hygienic however if you aren't keen on the scent, it fades after you've applied it. It is a yellowy colour, but as soon as it's applied the colour fades, leaving behind no residue or any yellow hue to the skin. I am really pale so if it was going to leave a tinge of yellow, I would definitely notice!

I have definitely noted a reduced number of blackheads since I started using this. I tend to use it underneath concealer, however I do use it on it's own sometimes as it keeps your skin fresh and clean and is perfect for no makeup days.

This product is very mattifying and my skin gets oily a lot less quickly when I wear this, in comparison to when I don't. On the other hand, it can be quite drying to the skin so I only use it sparingly along my t-zone and chin, as these are the areas which need it the most. It contains 30ml of product, and as you only need a tiny spot I'm confident it will last a long time.

Has anyone tried porefessional, this product or any other great primers?

Lots of love,

Emma-Kate xxx