Sunday, 27 October 2013

My top 5 picks from the Cath Kidston sale | ♡ handpicked beauty

I was browsing the Cath Kidston site as usual, and I noticed they have a huge sale on at the moment! For me, Cath Kidston is really expensive so as soon as they come out with a sale I literally squeal with excitement and add everything to my basket before it's all sold out. It is one of my all time favourite shops. Also, as christmas is coming up I like to snatch bargains while I can, so I can get pretty presents for my friends and family without having to spend ridiculous amounts of money. 

I thought it would be fun to show you guys my favourite picks from the sale, so you can get a gorgeous bargain too   

Circle Ditsy tin bin £5:This bin is reduced from £15 to £5, and I have this myself and I adore it! Such a gorgeous staple piece in my room, and a big discount! 
Mini Trains iPhone 5 case £12.50: This phone case is reduced from £24.95 and is so vintage and pretty! I think this is a gorgeous phone case for Autumn and if I owned an iPhone 5 I would definitely be buying this, as the normal price to pay for CK iPhone cases is a little steep!
Star collection assorted lip glosses £6: These lip glosses are reduced from £12 and would be such a great present for someone, or even for yourself to slip in your handbag 
Brighton Daisy bikini £25: This is reduced from £32 and is a lovely, colourful bikini. I think it's great to pick something like this up for next summer, so you don't have to pay the full price. I think £25 is quite reasonable for such a pretty, floral bikini.
Car stationary tin £7: I think this tin is a super cute present for someone, as well as being gorgeous storage for any pens or miscellaneous items and buttons. I would love to get this for my 4 year old cousin, he loves cars! This is reduced from £12 

disclaimer; I am not associated with Cath Kidston in the sense that this is completely my own opinion, and I wrote this post because I genuinely love the shop and was so excited to share with you my picks from the sale. Rest assured, I am not paid to say any of this, all these products I absolutely love and I want to share with everyone :) x

Friday, 25 October 2013

Lush bubblegum lip scrub | Handpicked Beauty

Hey everyone,
During the winter season I get really cracked, dry lips. It’s horrible to apply lipstick on, and they are so dry and chapped. ( I know, so attractive ;)) I know a lot of people have this issue, and I wanted to review this popular lip scrub from lush because for me it is an absolute winter essential.
I showed how to make your own DIY lemon lip scrub -here- but although I think they’re equally effective the lush one is brighter, happier with a bubblegum flavour for dark winter days.

I love Lush packaging and this is no exception; in a gorgeous cute tub with the unique Lush branding, this product is really distinctive in my makeup drawer and feels like an expensive product due to the glass jar.
I do have to admit I think the lush lip scrub is overpriced for what it is, but I definitely don’t regret buying it. However, if you want a more budget version you can just make the lemon lip scrub, massage a towel over vaselined lips or simply use a toothbrush. These all work just as effectively, but the Lush one is pink with a bubblegum flavour which is a cute treat for your handbag.

It tastes so delicious (i could eat it from the jar with a spoon)!!!

I gently scrub it over my dry lips and then lick it off, and my lips feel so smooth with no flakiness whatsoever. This is the perfect product to use before applying lipstick as it it so softening too. I then apply some Carmex and I feel like I’ve had a lip spa treatment!

I use this about once a week, or whenever I am wearing a bold lipstick so my lips are more smooth.

Overall, I think this is a lovely Winter product to treat yourself to and it gives your lips some extra love in the cold weather.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pastel Bedroom

Hey everyone,
I am currently decorating my bedroom, and I really wanted to show you a moodboard of what I am hoping my room will be like. I'm going for pastel, vintage items with white walls. I've been out of my room for a week and it will be done in about 2 weeks, so I'm staying in my brothers room while he is at university. He has awful wifi in his room which is why I've been unable to blog, so I am typing this on my phone hoping it will work! I'm so excited for my room to be finished and I will be doing a room tour when I get to 100 YouTube subscribers (hint hint link is to the right ;)) If anyone knows where I can purchase any cute decor please comment below, as I am looking out for accessories for my bedroom.

Dressing table: IKEA
Pillow: Cath Kidston
Duck egg throw: British Home Stores 
Bed frame: IKEA 
Candle: Yankee candle 'Pink Sands' 


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

No.7 blush in number 12; Coral Flush

Today I thought I would review a blusher which I have had for a veryyyy long time! It is the No.7 blush in number 12; Coral Flush. I have a special place in my heart for this product, as it was one of the first makeup products I bought with one of those 'Get £5 off no.7' cards from Boots, with my Dad about a year and a half ago. It was the only blush I owned for a very long time, and as I still don't have many blushes this remains my go to item!

The packaging is so sleek and cute, and I can clearly see the colour through the packaging so it saves time having to open up all my blushes to decide which one to use. It hasn't broken or anything and the packaging still clicks shut.

Like I said, I have had this blush for ages and used it nearly everyday, and I haven't even hit pan on it at all! If I do use it up, I will definitely be buying it again and I would love to get more shades.
The product itself is so long-lasting and pretty. It is a gorgeous coral shade, so perfect for Spring and Summer! You only need a tiny amount because it's so pigmented, and it makes the skin so bright and fresh, and I also use it for contouring too. It's also beautiful for the Autumn/Winter time as it gives that lovely 'I've just been outside' glow. If I am wearing absolutely no makeup but I put on a bit of this blusher, my skin looks so radiant and happy. It also looks so natural, so it appears like the gorgeous blush on your cheeks is real.

Overall, I absolutely adore this product. I can't believe i've only just got round to doing a review of it! I haven't even hit pan on it; it is so worth the money.
Lots of love,

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A chat about candles and my Yankee Candle collection!

Recently, I have become a candle person.

I have really gotten into all the different scents and as I love collecting things, I've decided to collect candles. It started about a year ago when I thought I would collect a Yankee candle tart for each season, and I would decorate my room with that candle in the season to make my room festive and fun. Since then, my love for them has spiralled a little bit and I've recently decided I want to properly collect them and accumulate a reasonable amount. I mainly collect yankee candles because I love how they all have different unique scents and their own cute label, and I think they look great as a collection. I don't burn the tart ones as I like to keep the label on and I think they look super cute around my room, but I do possess a couple of the glass jar ones which I do burn. When I finish them I will definitely keep the jar for accessories as they're so beautiful! I especially think the red ones will be so festive in my room for Christmas.  I don't burn them in my bedroom because it would probably end badly, so the glass ones are around the house. I thought it would be fun to show which ones I have so far and have a chat about them! I really want to buy some more tart ones as they are only £1.25 and I really want some cinnamon, christmassy ones and some of the cotton scents. I don't have a lot yet,  but my collection is rapidly increasing and I would absolutely love to hear any recommendations! <3

//Sweet Strawberry- Such a gorgeous, berry scent which is perfect for the Spring season!//
//Waikiki Melon- A tropical, fruity scent which reminds me of Summer days and Mexico//
//Sun and Sand- A gorgeous summer scent which smells of the waves //
//Pink Dragon Fruit- A lively, strong fruity scent//
//Bahama Breeze- A relaxing, calming scent which reminds me of holidays!//
//Pink Sands- A calming, girly scent of sweetness and bliss//
//Beach Wood- A lovely outdoor scent which reminds me of long walks in orange Autumn leaves//
//Black Cherry- The nicest autumn scent in the world. It smells absolutely incredible and reminds me of cosy jumpers and sitting around the fire. My favourite Yankee candle by far.//