Sunday, 27 October 2013

My top 5 picks from the Cath Kidston sale | ♡ handpicked beauty

I was browsing the Cath Kidston site as usual, and I noticed they have a huge sale on at the moment! For me, Cath Kidston is really expensive so as soon as they come out with a sale I literally squeal with excitement and add everything to my basket before it's all sold out. It is one of my all time favourite shops. Also, as christmas is coming up I like to snatch bargains while I can, so I can get pretty presents for my friends and family without having to spend ridiculous amounts of money. 

I thought it would be fun to show you guys my favourite picks from the sale, so you can get a gorgeous bargain too   

Circle Ditsy tin bin £5:This bin is reduced from £15 to £5, and I have this myself and I adore it! Such a gorgeous staple piece in my room, and a big discount! 
Mini Trains iPhone 5 case £12.50: This phone case is reduced from £24.95 and is so vintage and pretty! I think this is a gorgeous phone case for Autumn and if I owned an iPhone 5 I would definitely be buying this, as the normal price to pay for CK iPhone cases is a little steep!
Star collection assorted lip glosses £6: These lip glosses are reduced from £12 and would be such a great present for someone, or even for yourself to slip in your handbag 
Brighton Daisy bikini £25: This is reduced from £32 and is a lovely, colourful bikini. I think it's great to pick something like this up for next summer, so you don't have to pay the full price. I think £25 is quite reasonable for such a pretty, floral bikini.
Car stationary tin £7: I think this tin is a super cute present for someone, as well as being gorgeous storage for any pens or miscellaneous items and buttons. I would love to get this for my 4 year old cousin, he loves cars! This is reduced from £12 

disclaimer; I am not associated with Cath Kidston in the sense that this is completely my own opinion, and I wrote this post because I genuinely love the shop and was so excited to share with you my picks from the sale. Rest assured, I am not paid to say any of this, all these products I absolutely love and I want to share with everyone :) x


  1. Cute! I love the phone case! Sadly I don't have an iPhone but I'm saving up for one!:)
    I am going to put up a haul on my blog just as soon as everything comes in the mail. :) Come check it out when its up! :)

  2. beautiful blog, please check out my blog & follow if you like :)

  3. Wow, I didn't realise how affordable Cath Kidston could be!
    I think I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for the next sale.


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