Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A chat about candles and my Yankee Candle collection!

Recently, I have become a candle person.

I have really gotten into all the different scents and as I love collecting things, I've decided to collect candles. It started about a year ago when I thought I would collect a Yankee candle tart for each season, and I would decorate my room with that candle in the season to make my room festive and fun. Since then, my love for them has spiralled a little bit and I've recently decided I want to properly collect them and accumulate a reasonable amount. I mainly collect yankee candles because I love how they all have different unique scents and their own cute label, and I think they look great as a collection. I don't burn the tart ones as I like to keep the label on and I think they look super cute around my room, but I do possess a couple of the glass jar ones which I do burn. When I finish them I will definitely keep the jar for accessories as they're so beautiful! I especially think the red ones will be so festive in my room for Christmas.  I don't burn them in my bedroom because it would probably end badly, so the glass ones are around the house. I thought it would be fun to show which ones I have so far and have a chat about them! I really want to buy some more tart ones as they are only £1.25 and I really want some cinnamon, christmassy ones and some of the cotton scents. I don't have a lot yet,  but my collection is rapidly increasing and I would absolutely love to hear any recommendations! <3

//Sweet Strawberry- Such a gorgeous, berry scent which is perfect for the Spring season!//
//Waikiki Melon- A tropical, fruity scent which reminds me of Summer days and Mexico//
//Sun and Sand- A gorgeous summer scent which smells of the waves //
//Pink Dragon Fruit- A lively, strong fruity scent//
//Bahama Breeze- A relaxing, calming scent which reminds me of holidays!//
//Pink Sands- A calming, girly scent of sweetness and bliss//
//Beach Wood- A lovely outdoor scent which reminds me of long walks in orange Autumn leaves//
//Black Cherry- The nicest autumn scent in the world. It smells absolutely incredible and reminds me of cosy jumpers and sitting around the fire. My favourite Yankee candle by far.//


  1. I love Yankee candles! I had a Red velvet cake tumbler last winter and it was the best thing ever. I keep those little wax bars between my tees and so on to make them smell great. I don't burn scented candles during summer or spring (don't know why, maybe because I don't spend as much time in my room as I do during fall/winter season) but the other half of the year is a candle seasn for me!

  2. I think Clean Cotton is my favourite, its just so simple and comforting

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