Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Little brother does my makeup!

A few weeks ago I filmed a video of my little brother Sam doing my makeup! I loved filming it so thought I would show you all. <3

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Poundland gems | The best nail polish remover for £1

I thought I would just show you all some little gems I found in Poundland yesterday. I always pop into the shop when I can because I always find amazing things (OPI and revlon nail polish, Stila makeup etc). They are hidden beneath a lot of cheap, kind of tacky things but when you find them it is an amazing success and you feel rather proud.

This nail polish remover is AMAZING! I bought the Bourjois one second one ages ago, and I really didn't like it. It leaves a really horrible residue and didn't really take my nail polish off properly (never mind in 1 second!?!) I reverted back to the usual nail polish remover in a bottle, and this summer I went on a camp. My best friend got this out of her suitcase and I tried it, and it literally took my nail polish off instantly. And isn't greasy at all. She said it was from poundland, and I finally managed to get some! This stuff works sooooo well! And is £1...obviously ;P

The hello kitty plasters are just adorable. I am going to keep them in my school bag this year for the times when people ask despairingly if anyone happens to have a plaster, and I can say 'actually, I do!' and whip out the hello kitty loves. I live for that moment haha ;P Honestly though, these came in handy last year and I can't believe I picked these cute ones up for £1!!

And last but not least, the tic tacs. Another gem for my school  bag, I eat them whenever I am having a bad lesson and it just makes it better. I don't know how but it does. And 4 packets for £1?!? These will last me forever.

Just wanted to share my poundland happiness with you all :) 

Monday, 11 August 2014

A french adventure.

hello loves

On Thursday I got back from a little break in France with my family!

It was so much fun; I thought I'd show you all some of the pictures I took. We went to the Louvre too, but I am going to dedicate a whole post to that as it there is so much to say! 

We went to a little cottage in rural france for a week, then stayed in a few hotels on the way there and back, and went to Paris for 3 days!

This is me by the River Seine in Paris.

We had a meal on a boat going on the River Seine. So beautiful!

The Eiffel tower at night.

The Eiffel tower at day, taken from the top of the Arc de Triomphe!

Macarons in Paris. SO DELISH!!!

French pharmacies are about as common as coffee shops; they are on literally every street. And they are full of skincare brands like bioderma. They don't sell everyday things, me and my mum spent ages trying to find plasters! It's pretty much all skincare (amazing)

The most expensive CafĂ© I have ever been to and probably ever will go to! 

This Chateau was a true fairy tale. The pictures don't justify how insanely gorgeous it is. I was actually speechless.

I love France so much and I really hope I get the opportunity to go again one day!