Thursday, 21 August 2014

Poundland gems | The best nail polish remover for £1

I thought I would just show you all some little gems I found in Poundland yesterday. I always pop into the shop when I can because I always find amazing things (OPI and revlon nail polish, Stila makeup etc). They are hidden beneath a lot of cheap, kind of tacky things but when you find them it is an amazing success and you feel rather proud.

This nail polish remover is AMAZING! I bought the Bourjois one second one ages ago, and I really didn't like it. It leaves a really horrible residue and didn't really take my nail polish off properly (never mind in 1 second!?!) I reverted back to the usual nail polish remover in a bottle, and this summer I went on a camp. My best friend got this out of her suitcase and I tried it, and it literally took my nail polish off instantly. And isn't greasy at all. She said it was from poundland, and I finally managed to get some! This stuff works sooooo well! And is £1...obviously ;P

The hello kitty plasters are just adorable. I am going to keep them in my school bag this year for the times when people ask despairingly if anyone happens to have a plaster, and I can say 'actually, I do!' and whip out the hello kitty loves. I live for that moment haha ;P Honestly though, these came in handy last year and I can't believe I picked these cute ones up for £1!!

And last but not least, the tic tacs. Another gem for my school  bag, I eat them whenever I am having a bad lesson and it just makes it better. I don't know how but it does. And 4 packets for £1?!? These will last me forever.

Just wanted to share my poundland happiness with you all :) 

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