Thursday, 31 January 2013

DIY cheap oat cleanser! x

 Hello everyone! Today I wanted to do a quick post on how to make a cleanser out of oats! This cleanser is really soothing and calming, as well as moisturises dry skin and gives you a brighter complexion. It leaves your skin super soft, and even better, all of the ingredients you will probably have in your cupboard! Also, I find if I leave it on for a bit longer it serves as a great face mask! 
What you will need...
About a handful of oats
A small bowl
A spoon(or just use your fingers) ;)

 Firstly, get a handful of oats and out them in the bowl. As a prior warning, this can get a bit messy so make sure you tie your hair back and are in your pyjamas! :)
Next, add a small amount of water to the oats, and stir it up with your fingers or a spoon. This turns the mixture very sticky and oaty. It basically looks like porridge to be honest, so not the most appetising thing in the world but it has lots of amazing benefits to your skin. Make sure you don't add too much or too little water!
 Then take a handful of oats and squeeze out any excess liquid. I store this liquid in a small pot because it's oat free and very very moisturising and softening! You can even use it on your legs or ends of hair to give them some additional moisture
As you can see my hand got very messy ;)

 I then added a bit more water, to get it more runny.
Now you can start applying it to your skin! It feels really soft and calm on the skin as you massage it in. The oats also exfoliate the skin too. Also, I would have added an image but I felt too shy! :(

I then wash it off and pat dry, and finish with your usual moisturiser! So all in all, a cheap way to get great skin :)
Hope you liked it!
Emma-Kate xxx

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Small things which make me happy :)

Hey everyone!

Firstly, I have finally entered into the world of Instagram, and have been enjoying it immensely! Feel free to follow me :)
Today I wanted to do a post about little things which make me happy, because I've felt really tired and worn out lately due to lack of sleep but there are loads of tiny happies which make me smile.

Personally, if I am wearing a really nice pair of socks it immediately makes me feel happy because 1. It makes my horrible feet look pretty 2. They are nice to look at and if you have to wear plain black socks for school, it's just nice to wear a pretty pair for a change! No, I'm not crazy... ;)

I spend way too much time in my room, on facebook, doing homework etc and it usually ends up with me feeling stressed out and with a headache, so I just find that having a cup of tea with my mum and talking to her about her day, helping my little brother with a jigsaw or doing something creative like card making with my sister, just puts a smile on my face and makes me feel happy that I can spend time with my family.

To me, having a hot bath with a bath bomb in (if I'm going to go all out maybe with candles around it ;) ) and reading the cath kidston magazine with a cup of tea in my hand just boosts my mood as well as relaxing me.

Putting extra time into preparing things, like making myself a fruit salad to take to school or making a smoothie for the next morning, makes me feel super organised and also gives me more fruit so I feel healthy, active and ready to embrace the day with a smile :-)

My friend made this for me, and I just think it's the cutest thing ever! :D

I know I'm acting older than my age when I say I love early nights with a passion,  but the feeling of reading a book whilst snuggled in my pyjamas with a hot water bottle just relaxes me and gives me a chance to destress from the day... :)

Have a nice day everyone and thanks for reading! Emma-Kate xxx

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Liebster Award.

The Liebster Award.

Today is a very exciting day at Handpicked Beauty! I was (or should I say we were) nominated for the Liebster Award, which for me is a big deal. I had heard of it but never thought someone would nominate me, so thank you so much to for the nomination! Honestly makes me feel all nice inside that people are enjoying my blog! :)

Rules of the Liebster Award
1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3. Ask 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award.
4. Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.
5. Go to each bloggers page and let them know about the award.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

11 Facts about myself
1. I have an addiction to cranberry sauce!
2. I have quite  long, chestnut coloured hair which is straight and I've been trying to grow for ages!
3. I have three brothers and a sister.
4. My favourite subject is French and I would love to be fluent as I love languages.
5. I'm a night owl; mornings are horrific for me(and anyone who sees me) yet I can stay up really late reading beauty blogs :)
6. I am the worst at painting nails ever.
7. I take the words 'neat freak' to a whole new level!
8. I have quite a few people who I class as my bestfriends and who I tell everything to!
9. My favourite animal ever is an owl, but I especially love the pink ones with pretty floral tummies which you can find at accessorise ;)
10. Said it before and I'll say it again; I'm a christian and I love Jesus.
11. I would love to maybe ombré my hair but I'm such a wuss and let's face it; it's not happening!

My Questions from Sally
1. Who/What inspired you to start blogging? I know quite a few people who blog, including my brother when he went to India for 6 months, and I am very chatty and I like to think I'm quite creative, so I thought it would be really fun to start a blog as a way of just sharing my thoughts and ideas! :)
2. What is your favourite blog? Mmm...that is a really tough question but probably A thrifty mrs, because her blog is full of lovely advice and tips, and it just puts me in a good mood, as well as inspires me! 
3. Tea or coffee? Teaaa, although I do like a good 'ol latté ;)
4. What are your favourite shops/brands? Cath Kidston, Fatface, Topshop
5. What is your pet hate? When tea goes cold when you haven't finished drinking it :( 
6. Bacon buttys with ketchup or HP? ketchup definitely, the only good thing about HP sauce is that it's the initials of Harry Potter ;)
7. What is the one thing you can't live without? Water.
8. Who is your favourite band/singer? I don't really have a certain band because I always listen to different artists depending on my mood, but I like most music except heavy metal or rock etc...
9. If you could give a piece of advice, what would it be? Try your best with everything you do and as long as you do that, you've never failed yourself. Something I say to myself a lot!
10. What would you like to have achieved in ten years time? I'm not that sure, but I would love to have got good grades in school and I would love to be fluent in French! I have so many dreams and hopes for the future though, like starting some pretty print company, so I am just living with the fact that it's all in God's hands and I trust him 100% that he has a plan for my life!

Winners Nominated by me Are
Questions for my Winners
1. Who/What inspired you to start blogging?
2. What is your favourite colour?
3. How do you decide what to blog about?
4. What is your favourite colour to wear on the nails?
5. What is your pet hate?
6. Do you have any hobbies besides blogging?
7. What is your favourite animal?
8. Which singers do you like?
9. Describe your style in one word. 
10. What would you like to have achieved in ten years time?

I'd love to see your responses if I have nominated you!

Thanks everyone, Emma-Kate xxx

Sunday, 27 January 2013

How to make a Tinted Moisturiser

Hello everyone! 

Today I wanted to do a post on how to make a tinted moisturiser, because I wear it a lot, it's just using up things you already have so it saves you from buying it and it's very light and moisturising! If you buy one they can be really expensive.

Firstly, take your foundation and squirt it onto the back of your hand. I never make a lot at once so this is ok for me but you can make this in a bowl if you want. You can just use your normal foundation or maybe one which is too dark for you so you want to lighten it. I'm using No.7 foundation, but they have came out with a new range since I bought this so I'm not sure if they still have it, but the ones they have now will probably be better anyway so it's not too bad.

Next, add a blob of moisturiser to the foundation. You can add how much you want, depending what coverage, consistency, colour and moisture you want.
I use this Nivea one because it's really light and sinks it quickly.

 Then mix it all in until there are no white blobs left! :D

 I then apply however much I want to my face, and then store any excess in this lush face mask box which I have saved because if I get 5 I get a free face mask! :)

Thank you for reading everyone! 

Emma-Kate xxx

P.S: a lovely blogger is doing a giveaway! Check it out

Friday, 25 January 2013

25 Random facts tag!

Hey everyone!

Today I'm going to do the 25 Random Facts Tag! :D I wasn't actually tagged by anyone *cries* but I thought I'd do it anyway because it seems fun! I tag everyone to do this :)

Sorry this isn't the best picture but I don't really have any others which I want to put up!
1. I didn't grow any hair since I was two so I was bald for quite a while, and my brothers still laugh about it today ;)

2.My favourite subjects at school are French, English and Drama.

3. I'm an absolute neat freak...

3.I'm a tea obsessive and I'm sure its unhealthy how much I consume ;)

4.My first name is double barrelled (Emma-Kate) and when I was younger I went to swimming classes and the teacher asked me my name, and when I told her she didn't believe me as she thought Kate was my middle name, so she shouted at me and made me cry! Just to clear it up, I don't have a middle name...

5.I collect bottle tops and I've got about 300 so far!

6.I am absolutely obsessed with Cath Kidston, my brother says that my bedroom is practically a Cath Kidston shop!

7.I handmake cards and sell them to people for £1 each...mainly my mum buys them but oh well! I enjoy doing it as I'm quite creative and I spend ages making them.

8.My big brother when to India for 6 months and did a blog while he was out  there to let everyone know how he was getting on, and it inspired me to do my own blog!

9.I would loveeeee to go to Sweden, Finland, Switzerland or anywhere like that! I don't really know why but I've had it in my head for a long time, because I love snow so so much and I love IKEA, so it's just something I've always wanted to do!

10. I love to travel and experience different countries! 

11. I am the world's worst nail painter. I paint my nails then get really frustrated because they won't dry and then they chip and I"m really sad :( 

Me and my little brother outside the olympic stadium in the summer.
The olympics :)

12. I went to the London 2012 Olympics to see the athletics on the final night and I saw Mo Farah win his second gold medal, Usain Bolt break a world record and javelin and high jump and lots of running stuff! It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had in my entire life. I loved the way there was so many countries and cultures all in one stadium! 

13. My worst subjects are maths, PE and science. *shivers*

14. I have 7 people in my family! 3 brothers and a sister, comment below if you want some sort of sibling tag because I'm sure I can persuade at least one of them to?!?!

15. I got a gorgeous dog for my 10th birthday called Finley!

16. I'm a christian and I love Jesus.

17. I really don't like my accent at all :(

18. I have a brace and I used to be so so insecure about my teeth before! 

19.I get scared about pretty much everything.

20.I created a blog about 2 years ago, which is why it says on my account that I've been on blogger for a long time, but it was awful, i didn't understand it and I never uploaded posts. I started watching youtube beauty videos and then I got really into makeup, skincare etc. I then really wanted to make a youtube channel so I did, but I was too scared to upload videos so I thought I'd create a blog first.

21. I literally can't believe that 1 person followed my blog! I love getting comments especially when people say what sort of posts they want me to do because it helps me out a lot!

22. When I see everyone else's amazing, technical blogs I feel like mine is rubbish! ICT is not my strong point...

23. I have OCD. My friends say I have OCPD(obsessive compulsive planning disorder, as named by them *cough cough* hayley...) because I am constantly planning everything and it annoys them to death, as well as my family!

24. I pronounce scone like 'scon' not like I pronounce stone. If that even makes sense! It's an ongoing debate between me and my friends, comment which one you say! ;)

25. I have had ice skating lessons since I was 8/9 and I love it to pieces. :D

Anyway, if you have even got to this point without being bored to death, thank you for reading and I tag you to do this as well! and thanks for 30 followers! 


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Bodyshop cream compact foundation review :)

Hello everyone!

Today I'm going to do a review on a foundation I love to pieces- The Bodyshop cream compact foundation SPF 15! I have it in the shade 105 Rose Ivory, which I think is the palest shade as I am very very pale! It is £16 which I think is a little pricey, but I think it is worth it because it gives such a nice touch to the face, and enhances your natural skin without looking fake.

It doesn't have a hint of orangeness in it, which is a first for me as a lot of foundations leave me with a fake, orange look, but this just adds a bit of extra love to what I have already got, without changing it completely :D One bad thing though is that it makes dry skin stand out even more, so you have to apply it very quickly after applying your moisturiser so it doesn't dry your skin even further. I think this is perfect for oily or combination skins, but if  you have dry skin like me you can still love this foundation but you have to make sure you are prepping your face properly.

A downside to it is that it doesn't last long at all, as you can see I have hit pan a long time ago and I only bought it in October, and I don't wear it everyday either. Also the packaging quickly becomes very messy as you can probably tell! ;)

It gives me a lovely velvety finish and is very easy to blend. It comes with a small brush, however this isn't great so I usually just use this No.7 foundation brush. It's a very light coverage, and feels like a second skin because it is so blendable and smooth, and leaves your skin very soft! It is buildable though, so after applying one layer you can always apply more if you are wanting to cover more.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want to see more like this let me know! :D Also, I hope you can tell but I finally got a good camera so I've put quite a lot of effort into taking these pictures. If you want to use them feel free, but make sure you link them back to this blog.

Have a sweet day,


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow! :D

Hello lovelies!

As I write this, I'm curled up with a steaming cup of tea and a polka dot hot water bottle, wearing fluffy pyjamas and slippers, watching snow blissfully drift past my window...

Basically, it's been snowing loads where I live and pretty much all across the UK! It's absolutely amazing and I love snow, and I am secretly hoping it gets much worse! Last year I had to walk to the co-op from my house in the snow because we ran out of food, and we brought it all back on a sledge :) I juts love love love snow and I am longing for a day of school, but my school is super strict and probably won't shut! If you don't like snow, you probably want it to stop, but if you are like me and want it to get really bad, comment below so I know I'm not the only one... :) I just wanted to share a few pictures of it, while it lasts and so I can look back on it later on! :D

My driveway!
My gorgeous dog Finley playing in the snow, I love the little piece of snow on his nose! Cuteeeeee

Is anyone else spending the time watching Miranda?!?
The bay tree in my garden looks so pretty! 

Instead of throwing away nasty jugs which she didn't want, my mum used them as plant pots, and I think they look so beautiful with all of the snow around them! 

I didn't take this, but I found it online and I'm in loooooove ;)

Thanks for reading everyone and if you have any fun snow pictures link them for me! I did make a snowman but I didn't manage to get a picture, sorry! Hope you all get the day of school, and enjoy the snow! :D 
Emma-Kate xxx

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Random chatty update :)

Hey everyone,

I just thought I'd let you know a bit about what is going on in my life at the moment, as if I don't get around to doing as many posts as usual I don't want anyone to think that I'm not bothered or whatever. I'm currently doing exams and I'm finding some subjects really easy and some really hard! I'm having to do lots of more work then usual so I'm trying to balance my time right, as I literally go on my computer to check the time and end up spending about a squillion hours looking at other people's blogs, on Facebook and twitter etc! Also my twitter is @ekyjones so feel free to follow me on there!

 Also I have a few things going on at the moment at home, which I want to keep to myself not because I don't trust everyone who follows me, but just because this blog is public and anyone could view it, so it's just a personal thing.  I am really enjoying doing blogs, it's fun but sometimes I get a little stuck on what to blog about, so if I copy a tag you have done, take it as a compliment because it means I think it's a good idea! :D I have quite a view reviews, OOTD's and DIY posts which I have planned, so if any of those sound good please please let me know!!

 I know that 25 followers isn't a lot, but when I think that there are 25 people who want to take the time to read my blog and get to know me, that means a lot to me as it shows my blog isn't just pointless. So thank you so much for commenting and following me, and I am trying to grow my little slice of the internet as much as I can! I'm not very tech savvy as you might have noticed, so my blog isn't very fancy at all, but I am trying to learn things to edit it better :)

So yeah...sorry this isn't the most interesting post ever, but I fancied a little chat with everyone and just to open things up a bit!  I did upload one yesterday so be sure to have a look and I will be uploading one on saturday all being well, if not sooner!

Have a sweet day,

Emma-Kate xxx

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Lip care products- my raves and rants!

Hey everyone,

I am kind of a lip care/lip moisturiser fanatic, and if I see a new lip balm which I don't own, I have a huge urge to purchase it and it's lead to me having a weird collection of random lip balms, so as it's the season of dry lips I thought I'd show my favourites, worst and my 'unique' ones! :D 

My favourites

Firstly these Nivea lip balms are amaaaazing! They have got my dry lips through the cold weather and I love them with a passion. I did have the rose one, but I lost it so I need to repurchase it! At the moment I just have the hydro care one and the original one.

Vaseline.....I have to control myself from going into a massive ramble about how much I love vaseline but you guys would be really bored and think I'm some sort of vaseline freak (I'm totally not...;) ) but I absolutely love them, I've got a total of 9- 1 pink bubbly, 2 originals, 1 aloe vera, 4 rosy lips and 1 cocoa butter. And what's worse, I've labelled them all as to where I keep them and use them! ...

I'm also a trés trés big fan of Carmex; I just have one in the original flavour. The only problem I have with it is that I am not keen on the taste at all, it tastes like medicine, but oh boy it's so moisturising! I don't use it everyday as I've heard some bad things about it, but I use it when my lips are really chapped and it instantly repairs and smoothes them! It's more like a lip conditioning treatment for me, but it does everything it claims to and more. Plus I bought it for £2 from Primark :) 

My worst

I don't really like saying my 'worst' products because I always feel kinda mean but I guess it's helpful?

Ok, so I'm really not keen on the boot's own lipsalves. They aren't moisturising at all and the tinted one is so cakey and dry on the lips and so unwearable! I have chapsticks for £1 which are 100 times better. Sorry boots :( 

This lipbalm is probably the worst one I have ever used in my life. I got it form a touristy/seaside shop, but I've seen them sold in shops in the UK. If you see it, do not buy it haha :) It was £3.50 and it is literally goo which has been dyed pink. It's like rubbing jelly on your lips! so so greasy and un-moisturising but yesss...I guess that's a tacky tourist shop for you ;) 

Jack wills lipbalm. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but it was really overpriced I can remember! It has a nice scent and tastes good, and I LOVE the packaging but they was a very small amount in the tube and it was really gooey and didn't sink into the lips at all, so I was left with a sticky residue of white gunk which was very noticeable! I expected great things from this and I was so unhappy with the results! I'm so sad because it looks so nice on the photo! Meeeerrrrr :( 

Unique one

This is basically just one I can't replace but I love dearly!

My brother got me this one when he spent 6 months in India, and it is actually really good! I love it so much, the only problem is I feel like I don't want to use it because I can't ever replace it! My brother saw it being made, as it's made from honey, beeswax and strawberries and it's all naturally made: someone even collects the honey form the bees and mixes it all together! It's so moisturising and really, really cool :) 

Thanks for reading my random rambles! I hope you liked it and if you want me to do more posts like this please comment! And I'd love to know what your favourite lip care products are :) I might start a series called 'My raves and rants' about different types of products so if you do or don't want to see this please comment because it helps me out! 

Have a sweet day,

Emma-Kate xxx

PS: Also just a small thing, I'm really sorry about the bad quality pictures, these are taken on my iPod and although I love apple, the camera is not great! My camera is charging so by the next post it should be sorted. 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Get to know me tag! x

Hey everyone, I thought it was about time to do the 'Get to know me tag' because I haven't really said much about myself yet, so I thought it would be fun! I have seen loads of versions of this tag so I have kind of taken questions from all of them to make one big tag, and I put in a few of my questions as well, so basically this is a messed up tag but oh well! Also some of the questions which I didn't want to answer I just deleted so I have renumbered yeah...haha :) Hope you like it! 

1. Is there anything in life you would like to accomplish that you haven't yet?
I Would absolutely love to be fluent in French and I am working really hard for this! :D

2. One secret you don't mind sharing with us?
Ermm...I'm a sensitive person and I get upset easily, I guess that's a secret because only my close family and friends know this! :P

3. How do you like to relax?
Wearing comfy pyjamas, listening to music and writing in my diary-so therapeutic! 

4. Do you have any phobias?
Yes, I am absolutely terrified of wasps, and I am extremely squeamish about needles and hospitals etc! My mum recently had an operation and I was so squeamish I wouldn't talk to her about it and had to leave the room whenever my little brother (who is obsessed with becoming a GP) mentioned it! :S I had to have an injection to prevent a form  of cancer, and I was sat in the chair for one and a half hours because I was so scared! So embarrassing, but I get panic attacks in situations like that so I was scared, embarrassed and generally upset.  Sorry for the long answer but I felt the need to explain myself! ;)

5.What can you cook very well?
I'm not that great at cooking (wish I was) but I can make cupcakes reasonably well :)

6. What is your favorite holiday and why?
My favourite holiday was either Egypt or Cyprus. Egypt was great and so amazing, but I was young and because I can't cope with heat well, I got a bit ill!  Cyprus was amazing because one of my friends was staying in the same hotel completely by coincidence, so I got to spend the week with my friends! I did get really really sun burnt though because I'm so pale but it was worth it! :D

7. What is one tv show that you really don't like?
Coronation Street. I don't really know why but I've never liked it!

8. If given a million dollars, what is the first thing you would do with it?
Probably give half to my parents because they've always been there for me and have given me so much, so I owe them! And the rest I would keep in a bank account until I was older. However it wouldn't hurt to take a bit and go shopping...and maybe get my room done up!?!

9.  What kind of people do you like being around?
All my christian friends, because they encourage and support me so so much and I have never met nicer people! There's a lot of them who I know from loads of different events I've been to but I love them! And anyone who I can talk to and relates to me!

10. What is your one embarrassing moment?
Ermm, apart from the bad injection :P, I really embarrassed myself in front of someone who I really liked by literally jumping over a wall so I could talk to them! Or my sister knows everything about me, and has told people personal things which were a secret!

11. What one makeup mistake that you used to make?
I put on a ridiculous amount of pressed powder because I thought my skin was really greasy, when in fact it was just healthily dewy and ended up getting dry and clogged because of the powder!

12. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you pick?
If it wouldn't kill me only eating one food, I would probably pick something like bread...

13. Have you got any tattoos? If not, would you like one?
No, and not really.

14. What is your one staple clothing item?
It kind of depends on the season but I love printed dresses and leggings. :)

15. Do you have any bad habits?
Yes, chewing pens, and it is horrible and it's been my new years resolution for ages to stop but I can't! Urghh

16. Do you think money is happiness?
I think it can give you temporary happiness but nothing permanent and worthwhile.

17. Are you OCD about anything?
I'm a massive neat freak, I feel so annoyed if there is one thing on my floor! And if my friends come over, I get so annoyed if they throw their stuff everywhere and mess up my room! It's so irritating!

18. Are you religious?
I'm not religious, but I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ and I'm not ashamed to say it...I'm actually so happy to say it :) This video is amazing and basically sums up what Jesus means to me, so please watch it! Also if you are thinking 'What, she's not religious but she's a christian...whuuut' this video is awesome :)

20. Cheapest makeup product you own?
*looks in drawer* Probably my 1.99 natural collection duo eyeshadows!

21. What do you think is the coolest accent?
In the Uk, Welsh, but in the world I love French or Italian! :D

Anyway so I hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you so much to everyone who has been leaving such lovely comments! I really appreciate it. Also, please do this tag yourself and link it below! :D

Emma-Kate xxx

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Neutrogena Visibly Clear grapefruit product review!

Hey everyone, 

So I thought today I would do a review of two of my favourite skincare products, which have been part of my routine for about 2 months, and are both from Neutrogena. 

The first one is this 'Visibly clear pink grapefruit facial wash'. It comes in a clear bottle, which I really like because I can see easily how much is left, and it's a bright pink colour which as a pink fanatic I really like too! :D It has a gel texture when you first squeeze it into your hands, but as you massage it into your face it lathers up and turns really foamy. The pink grapefruit leaves my skin feeling refreshed and happy, and really brightens my dull winter complexion! I've definitely noticed an improvement to my skin and it removes makeup really well. The only problem I find is that it can be a little messy, so I use it in the shower because it's easier to rinse off and it doesn't matter if it gets everywhere because I'm washing myself anyway. I think this would be great for anyone with acne prone skin because it is so gentle, but I generally think you could use it for all skin types due to it's purifying and soft qualities. I use it once a day, and it lasts for ages as you can tell on  the photo. This product is £4.94 from boots, but I purchased it from Tesco. Overall I think it is an amazing product! I would rate it a 8.5/10!

The next product is from the same range, and is the 'Visibly clear pink grapefruit daily scrub'. Basically it's a face exfoliator, and I use it after I have used the facial wash. It exfoliates away dry skin, and improves circulation to the face, brightening my skin and leaving it smooth and fresh. Like the wash, it lathers up when you massage it into the face, and the grains in the scrub are so small that it doesn't really feel like an exfoliator, meaning it is so gentle and smooth on the skin. It makes sure every last scrap of makeup is gone, and it cleans out each individual pore, preventing blackheads and other blemishes. I have generally quite clear skin, as my parents didn't suffer from many blemishes as teenagers and my skin is quite dry so my pores aren't clogged, however I can be prone to blackheads along the T-Zone, so this product keeps my pores clean for me! I use it with a flannel for extra exfoliation! This product also lasts for so long, and from boots it is £4.95! I would rate this product a 9/10

Also I want to say thank you so much to everyone who has followed my blog because I honestly thought no one would read this so yeah...thanks! And if you have anything you want me to blog about comment below :) Have a great day, Emma-Kate xxx