Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Get to know me tag! x

Hey everyone, I thought it was about time to do the 'Get to know me tag' because I haven't really said much about myself yet, so I thought it would be fun! I have seen loads of versions of this tag so I have kind of taken questions from all of them to make one big tag, and I put in a few of my questions as well, so basically this is a messed up tag but oh well! Also some of the questions which I didn't want to answer I just deleted so I have renumbered yeah...haha :) Hope you like it! 

1. Is there anything in life you would like to accomplish that you haven't yet?
I Would absolutely love to be fluent in French and I am working really hard for this! :D

2. One secret you don't mind sharing with us?
Ermm...I'm a sensitive person and I get upset easily, I guess that's a secret because only my close family and friends know this! :P

3. How do you like to relax?
Wearing comfy pyjamas, listening to music and writing in my diary-so therapeutic! 

4. Do you have any phobias?
Yes, I am absolutely terrified of wasps, and I am extremely squeamish about needles and hospitals etc! My mum recently had an operation and I was so squeamish I wouldn't talk to her about it and had to leave the room whenever my little brother (who is obsessed with becoming a GP) mentioned it! :S I had to have an injection to prevent a form  of cancer, and I was sat in the chair for one and a half hours because I was so scared! So embarrassing, but I get panic attacks in situations like that so I was scared, embarrassed and generally upset.  Sorry for the long answer but I felt the need to explain myself! ;)

5.What can you cook very well?
I'm not that great at cooking (wish I was) but I can make cupcakes reasonably well :)

6. What is your favorite holiday and why?
My favourite holiday was either Egypt or Cyprus. Egypt was great and so amazing, but I was young and because I can't cope with heat well, I got a bit ill!  Cyprus was amazing because one of my friends was staying in the same hotel completely by coincidence, so I got to spend the week with my friends! I did get really really sun burnt though because I'm so pale but it was worth it! :D

7. What is one tv show that you really don't like?
Coronation Street. I don't really know why but I've never liked it!

8. If given a million dollars, what is the first thing you would do with it?
Probably give half to my parents because they've always been there for me and have given me so much, so I owe them! And the rest I would keep in a bank account until I was older. However it wouldn't hurt to take a bit and go shopping...and maybe get my room done up!?!

9.  What kind of people do you like being around?
All my christian friends, because they encourage and support me so so much and I have never met nicer people! There's a lot of them who I know from loads of different events I've been to but I love them! And anyone who I can talk to and relates to me!

10. What is your one embarrassing moment?
Ermm, apart from the bad injection :P, I really embarrassed myself in front of someone who I really liked by literally jumping over a wall so I could talk to them! Or my sister knows everything about me, and has told people personal things which were a secret!

11. What one makeup mistake that you used to make?
I put on a ridiculous amount of pressed powder because I thought my skin was really greasy, when in fact it was just healthily dewy and ended up getting dry and clogged because of the powder!

12. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you pick?
If it wouldn't kill me only eating one food, I would probably pick something like bread...

13. Have you got any tattoos? If not, would you like one?
No, and not really.

14. What is your one staple clothing item?
It kind of depends on the season but I love printed dresses and leggings. :)

15. Do you have any bad habits?
Yes, chewing pens, and it is horrible and it's been my new years resolution for ages to stop but I can't! Urghh

16. Do you think money is happiness?
I think it can give you temporary happiness but nothing permanent and worthwhile.

17. Are you OCD about anything?
I'm a massive neat freak, I feel so annoyed if there is one thing on my floor! And if my friends come over, I get so annoyed if they throw their stuff everywhere and mess up my room! It's so irritating!

18. Are you religious?
I'm not religious, but I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ and I'm not ashamed to say it...I'm actually so happy to say it :) This video is amazing and basically sums up what Jesus means to me, so please watch it! Also if you are thinking 'What, she's not religious but she's a christian...whuuut' this video is awesome :)

20. Cheapest makeup product you own?
*looks in drawer* Probably my 1.99 natural collection duo eyeshadows!

21. What do you think is the coolest accent?
In the Uk, Welsh, but in the world I love French or Italian! :D

Anyway so I hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you so much to everyone who has been leaving such lovely comments! I really appreciate it. Also, please do this tag yourself and link it below! :D

Emma-Kate xxx


  1. Wow that video you linked in Q18 really made me think about stuff. Thank you so much for sharing that with us, it really moved me.
    BTW do you believe everything in that video?

    1. Ah that's really good :) I wasn't sure whether to link it or not, but I thought it sums up pretty well what I believe! and yes I do :) xxx

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog :) You have a really cute blog, I've followed you back :D xx

  3. Hi there! :D Thank you for visiting & leaving a comment on my blog, you're so sweet. I really like yours! :)


  4. Thanks for the follow! I followed you back! YOu have a lovely blog, I really like your header! Very pretty! :)

  5. I feel ya on wasps ... they are scary!! I get picked on by the guy i like for being scared of them (And he picks on me with everything but i get him back... we have a weird friendship lol :))


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