Wednesday, 20 November 2013

DIY christmas present idea: Peppermint foot scrub ♡ | Handpicked Beauty

I am wanting to start doing loads of DIY posts, as I am a crazily obsessed DIY person, and for Christmas I am making pretty much all of the presents I'm giving to people. It's much cheaper, funner and you can personalise to make extra special, thoughtful gifts.

For my Mum, I am making her a Peppermint foot scrub as it is so easy to make, and I know she will love using it and really appreciate me making it for her. I was inspired by seeing this one from the Body Shop and realising I could easily make it for a fraction of the price. It's so easy to personalise, and you can use any essential oil of your choice to create a different scent, but as it is christmas I thought peppermint was really cute and festive. I think this is a great present to get for anyone and it is ridiculously easy to make!

What you will need:
Adjust the quantities according to the container you are using, I just used rough measurements but you can add or take depending on your preference.

 2tbsp granulated sugar( doesn't really matter what kind, but the granier it is, the more exfoliating it will be)

♡ 2tbsp brown sugar

 1 tbsp olive oil(you can use any type of oil you want; e.g: almond oil)

  A dash of peppermint extract

  1 tbspHoney

The sugar gently exfoliates dead skin cells, the olive oil softly moisturises, the peppermint essence adds a fun scent and the honey is antibacterial and leaves the skin feeling super soft!

How to make it:

add the granulated sugar ♡add the brown sugar ♡ add the oil ♡add the honey ♡ add the peppermint extract ♡ mix it all up and add it to a pretty jar ♡

I put it in a cute jar and added a checked piece of fabric with twine and a homemade label. I think it looks so pretty and festive and it's so easy to make :)

Let me know if you try this, and if you want to see any more DIY posts! Lots of love, Emma-Kate 

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?


Friday, 15 November 2013

Products I have been loving lately! ♡

I was going to call this post 'October favourites' but then I realised that October has been and gone, so this is my 'Products I have been loving lately'!

I haven't done my monthly favourites for a really long time, as I haven't been trying many new products but recently I have bought a few bits and pieces which I've been loving for the Autumn season. I decided to just write them out on my blog this time, and enjoy taking photos and describing the products as I haven't felt up to doing YouTube videos lately(hope you all understand!). However, I adore blogging and can't wait to show you my favourite products of the moment!

OPI shatter nail polishes

I treated myself to some OPI nail polishes recently, and I have been absolutely loving these shatter colours 'Silver Shatter', 'Red Shatter' and 'Shatter the scales'. They look amazing over a black coat of nail varnish, and the emerald shade is sooo gorgeous for the Autumn season! I think Silver shatter is lovely over any polish and is so gorgeous on the nails, and I also think the red and silver are really festive and christmassy :)

Rimmel stay matte pressed powder

I only just got round to trying this powder, after hearing sooo many people rave about it. I was previously using the Rimmel Clear complexion powder because the stay matte wasn't in stock when I bought it, but it smashed when I took it to Mexico in August so I have been using my natural collection one since then (which I really don't like). I finally bought the stay matte powder and I love it! It's so natural and finely milled, and isn't cakey at all. You can barely tell when it is on and it keeps my skin non shiny and clean throughout the day. I absolutely love it and after previously considering a Mac mineralise skin finish, I'm so happy I tried this and saved myself £20+! 

Maybelline Fit me concealer
I am so excited about this concealer! I bought it because lately I have really gone off my Collection lasting perfection one, as it seems to be quite cakey and thick when covering up blemishes. It is the only liquid concealer I've tried so I wanted to try something new, so I bought Fit Me in York. Although it is a little bit dark for me, it looks SO natural and it blends seamlessly into the skin; so perfect for school. It literally blends so so so well and covers up any redness amazingly, so I can work with the slightly off shades. I was hesitant to buy this, but I have loved it so much so far! I will be doing a full review after I have been using it for a little longer :)

MUA lipliner in 'Brooding Plum'
I picked up this lipliner because I was looking for something to go with my beloved Rimmel 107( review coming very soon). It is a dark red/burgundy shade and it looks amazing on the lips. I sometimes use it on it's own, or with lipstick to highlight and shape my lips. I always feel so confident when I wear it as it just looks so beautiful and perfect for Autumn. It can slide a little bit, but nothing too bad! And for £1 you can't really go wrong- definitely buying more shades!

The BodyShop berry lip roll on
This is basically a lip moisturiser in the form of a roll on. It's so easy to use and so hydrating for the Autumn weather when my lips get so cracked and dry. I apply this whenever I'm wearing lipstick as it leaves my lips so smooth and soft, and is such a lovely product to whip out of my handbag.

                             What are your October favourites/ products you've been loving lately?


Please let me know if you would like me to review any of the products mentioned in detail (as you can tell I have a lot to say about them but I don't want to bore anyone! :P ) xxx