Wednesday, 20 November 2013

DIY christmas present idea: Peppermint foot scrub ♡ | Handpicked Beauty

I am wanting to start doing loads of DIY posts, as I am a crazily obsessed DIY person, and for Christmas I am making pretty much all of the presents I'm giving to people. It's much cheaper, funner and you can personalise to make extra special, thoughtful gifts.

For my Mum, I am making her a Peppermint foot scrub as it is so easy to make, and I know she will love using it and really appreciate me making it for her. I was inspired by seeing this one from the Body Shop and realising I could easily make it for a fraction of the price. It's so easy to personalise, and you can use any essential oil of your choice to create a different scent, but as it is christmas I thought peppermint was really cute and festive. I think this is a great present to get for anyone and it is ridiculously easy to make!

What you will need:
Adjust the quantities according to the container you are using, I just used rough measurements but you can add or take depending on your preference.

 2tbsp granulated sugar( doesn't really matter what kind, but the granier it is, the more exfoliating it will be)

♡ 2tbsp brown sugar

 1 tbsp olive oil(you can use any type of oil you want; e.g: almond oil)

  A dash of peppermint extract

  1 tbspHoney

The sugar gently exfoliates dead skin cells, the olive oil softly moisturises, the peppermint essence adds a fun scent and the honey is antibacterial and leaves the skin feeling super soft!

How to make it:

add the granulated sugar ♡add the brown sugar ♡ add the oil ♡add the honey ♡ add the peppermint extract ♡ mix it all up and add it to a pretty jar ♡

I put it in a cute jar and added a checked piece of fabric with twine and a homemade label. I think it looks so pretty and festive and it's so easy to make :)

Let me know if you try this, and if you want to see any more DIY posts! Lots of love, Emma-Kate 

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, it is so easy to make and it smells amazing! <3

  2. For sure going to try this! Great post!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  3. Great idea! I love peppermint! Did you know that peppermint is also great as a natural bug repellent? I love foot scubs! I may just have to try this for myself! Another oil thats great for scrubs is coconut oil. Just some tips. :) I really love your blog too!

    1. will have to try coconut oil! I just don't know where to buy it from in the UK :( x

    2. Heath food stores is were my mom gets hers. its a little bit in the price but you can use it for so much! I would die if we didn't have coconut oil in our house!

  4. My favorite thing about christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ! I also love spending time with my family! :) happy thanksgiving and merry Christmas!

  5. thanks for sharing !!! i am so going to try this :) would you like to follow each other doll :) xx

  6. I'm definitely trying this out :)

  7. i really want to try this! great post :)
    becky xx


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