Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow! :D

Hello lovelies!

As I write this, I'm curled up with a steaming cup of tea and a polka dot hot water bottle, wearing fluffy pyjamas and slippers, watching snow blissfully drift past my window...

Basically, it's been snowing loads where I live and pretty much all across the UK! It's absolutely amazing and I love snow, and I am secretly hoping it gets much worse! Last year I had to walk to the co-op from my house in the snow because we ran out of food, and we brought it all back on a sledge :) I juts love love love snow and I am longing for a day of school, but my school is super strict and probably won't shut! If you don't like snow, you probably want it to stop, but if you are like me and want it to get really bad, comment below so I know I'm not the only one... :) I just wanted to share a few pictures of it, while it lasts and so I can look back on it later on! :D

My driveway!
My gorgeous dog Finley playing in the snow, I love the little piece of snow on his nose! Cuteeeeee

Is anyone else spending the time watching Miranda?!?
The bay tree in my garden looks so pretty! 

Instead of throwing away nasty jugs which she didn't want, my mum used them as plant pots, and I think they look so beautiful with all of the snow around them! 

I didn't take this, but I found it online and I'm in loooooove ;)

Thanks for reading everyone and if you have any fun snow pictures link them for me! I did make a snowman but I didn't manage to get a picture, sorry! Hope you all get the day of school, and enjoy the snow! :D 
Emma-Kate xxx


  1. So jealous! I haven't seen snow in forever - this is my fifth summer in a row!

    1. aww! It can be very very annoying though, because it's so slippy and means you can't get out? do you live in the UK? x

  2. What a pretty blog and oh, wish I had snow!
    Im foloiwng you back xx


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