Saturday, 12 January 2013

Lip care products- my raves and rants!

Hey everyone,

I am kind of a lip care/lip moisturiser fanatic, and if I see a new lip balm which I don't own, I have a huge urge to purchase it and it's lead to me having a weird collection of random lip balms, so as it's the season of dry lips I thought I'd show my favourites, worst and my 'unique' ones! :D 

My favourites

Firstly these Nivea lip balms are amaaaazing! They have got my dry lips through the cold weather and I love them with a passion. I did have the rose one, but I lost it so I need to repurchase it! At the moment I just have the hydro care one and the original one.

Vaseline.....I have to control myself from going into a massive ramble about how much I love vaseline but you guys would be really bored and think I'm some sort of vaseline freak (I'm totally not...;) ) but I absolutely love them, I've got a total of 9- 1 pink bubbly, 2 originals, 1 aloe vera, 4 rosy lips and 1 cocoa butter. And what's worse, I've labelled them all as to where I keep them and use them! ...

I'm also a trés trés big fan of Carmex; I just have one in the original flavour. The only problem I have with it is that I am not keen on the taste at all, it tastes like medicine, but oh boy it's so moisturising! I don't use it everyday as I've heard some bad things about it, but I use it when my lips are really chapped and it instantly repairs and smoothes them! It's more like a lip conditioning treatment for me, but it does everything it claims to and more. Plus I bought it for £2 from Primark :) 

My worst

I don't really like saying my 'worst' products because I always feel kinda mean but I guess it's helpful?

Ok, so I'm really not keen on the boot's own lipsalves. They aren't moisturising at all and the tinted one is so cakey and dry on the lips and so unwearable! I have chapsticks for £1 which are 100 times better. Sorry boots :( 

This lipbalm is probably the worst one I have ever used in my life. I got it form a touristy/seaside shop, but I've seen them sold in shops in the UK. If you see it, do not buy it haha :) It was £3.50 and it is literally goo which has been dyed pink. It's like rubbing jelly on your lips! so so greasy and un-moisturising but yesss...I guess that's a tacky tourist shop for you ;) 

Jack wills lipbalm. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but it was really overpriced I can remember! It has a nice scent and tastes good, and I LOVE the packaging but they was a very small amount in the tube and it was really gooey and didn't sink into the lips at all, so I was left with a sticky residue of white gunk which was very noticeable! I expected great things from this and I was so unhappy with the results! I'm so sad because it looks so nice on the photo! Meeeerrrrr :( 

Unique one

This is basically just one I can't replace but I love dearly!

My brother got me this one when he spent 6 months in India, and it is actually really good! I love it so much, the only problem is I feel like I don't want to use it because I can't ever replace it! My brother saw it being made, as it's made from honey, beeswax and strawberries and it's all naturally made: someone even collects the honey form the bees and mixes it all together! It's so moisturising and really, really cool :) 

Thanks for reading my random rambles! I hope you liked it and if you want me to do more posts like this please comment! And I'd love to know what your favourite lip care products are :) I might start a series called 'My raves and rants' about different types of products so if you do or don't want to see this please comment because it helps me out! 

Have a sweet day,

Emma-Kate xxx

PS: Also just a small thing, I'm really sorry about the bad quality pictures, these are taken on my iPod and although I love apple, the camera is not great! My camera is charging so by the next post it should be sorted. 


  1. Very informative post, I have followed...

  2. Lipbalms are my life saviour. Great informtion here :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog and for following, I followed back!
    Looking forward to seeing more posts from you!

  3. I love Vaseline too, can't beat it if you ask me!

  4. great post!! my favorite lipbalms would have to be the fresh sugar rose balm, eos lipbalms and nivea :) xx


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