Monday, 6 January 2014

Maybelline fit me concealer review | handpicked beauty

I purchased the Maybelline Fit me concealer a few months ago, because I was looking for a new concealer as I have gone off the collection one as I find it really thick and cakey. The colour of the collection one is so perfect for me (1 fair) and the coverage is great, but I just find that it isn't good for dry skin like mine as it cakes onto blemishes :( Fit me is £5.99 from Boots, which I personally think is a little pricey considering the collection one is about £4 and much better (and I don't even like that one!)

Fit me concealer is a really lovely product, however it does have some downsides which make it not an every day product for me unfortunately. It is basically the exact opposite of the collection one! It is super blendable and never looks cakey, so it is looks like you aren't wearing any makeup! It covers undereye circles really well too and feels so light on the skin.

It has a cool applicator (I think it's called a doefoot applicator), so it can be dotted onto blemishes and then patted in for a seamlessly blended look.

The main problem I have with this concealer is the colour. It is really orangey looking on my skin, and as I mainly use it on my chin it makes me look like I have some weird fake tan only on my chin (not a good look), so I always have to go over with the collection one anyway to balance it out. I think this is a great concealer for someone who has a bit of a tan, but for anyone pale like me it just looks really orange. I got the shade 15; there was a shade under this one but it looked a little more yellowy so I went for shade 15...looking back shade 10 might have been better for my skin tone.  I find it looks good in the evenings when there isn't any harsh light to show up the orange, so it is worth having for covering up imperfections for the night.
 It is brilliant for undereye circles as the orange cancels them out, however it isn't highlighting so if you want a brightening effect another concealer is needed. Also, the coverage isn't as good as the collection so I find that quite a bit of product is needed to get the effect I want.

Overall, I think this is a lovely concealer as it is super blendable and feels light on the skin, however the colour range isn't great and it's not great for people with lots of blemishes as it isn't the best coverage.

Have you tried this concealer? What do you think?



  1. I've never tried this one, but I do need to get a new concealer. Maybe I'll get this one as well as my normal one just in case x

    1. it's great to use in conjunction with other concealers :) x


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