Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Things I have been recently loving | Handpicked Beauty

Hey everyone,

So I have been MIA for absolutely ages! My life has been so busy lately!  Thank you for understanding, and I am starting blogging properly again now :)

I thought I would show some things I have been loving lately! This is inspired by the lovely Becky from Milk Bubble Tea (pause and go and check her blog out..warning you will be there for a few hours at least as it's so gorgeous!) as she does super cute posts about products she has been enjoying. I don't try enough products to do a 'favourites' every single month, so I love this idea! Things I have been recently loving...

Soap and Glory 'Butter yourself' body butter. This smells and feels amazing!

I also love Hand Food, it keeps my hands soft and moisturised in this horrible cold weather!

I got this from Lush for just £1 and I use it on my hands to keep them moisturised. Also, the money goes to Charity so definitely a great thing!

I just got a new bed (yes it is the generic IKEA one which every blogger seems to have..) I love it! My Auntie made me the gorgeous bunting which I have above it. 

I have recently tried the Natural Collection lash length mascara. It's really natural so it's perfect for school, and makes my eyelashes look way longer. For only £1.99 I am so glad I bought this.

My sister Beth gave me this for Christmas and I absolutely love having a good cup of tea in it. 

I bought this ring from Accessorize and I'm totally in love with it! It goes with the majority of clothes that I have, and I think it's so elegant and pretty. I love the detail of the little gems!

I bought this after watching Zoella's November favourites video. It makes my hair so volumised and gives it more hold. I think it was about £3/4 and I love it!

I bought this super cute purse from Primark! After reading Becky's post I saw this and I was like 'I HAVE to get it!' So a quick Primark trip happened and I love it soo much! 

Hope you enjoyed this little post, what things have you been loving recently?


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  1. I've been loving Lush and Soap & Glory products too x


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