Sunday, 2 June 2013

NOTD- Barry M gelly hi-shine nail paint ♡ | Handpicked Beauty

Hey everyone,
So before I start I want to say sorry for not posting as much as I'd like to. I'm under a lot of pressure at the moment and  I've got lots going on, so my blog has become somewhat neglected. I'm really upset about this because I love blogging, but obviously when I have exams I can't put as much effort in as I want to. So it's almost summer and I am going to post every single day when it is! Yay!

Also with GFC closing down, I'd really appreciate it if you guys followed me on Bloglovin' instead because I'm worried I will lose touch with some of my favourite blogs. The link is above, or to the right! :D x

Anyway, onto the ACTUAL post! Today I thought I'd review a recent nail polish which I purchased-Barry M gelly hi-shine nail paint in the colour lychee. It retails for £3.99 from Boots, which I think is a really reasonable price for what you are getting. 
It is a gorgeous oat shade and it makes your fingers look longer and more ladylike I think! 

It comes in a glass bottle which makes it look like a more expensive product, but I prefer the ones with black lids rather than silver. I found parts of the silver coating on the lid flaked away so it looks quite tacky :(

The nail paint itself is really good quality and hasn't chipped after 3 days which I think is pretty impressive!

It isn't as shiny as I thought it would be, as I think the name suggests it's going to be like, reflective kind of shiny, but it wasn't all that different from the normal barry M nail paints. It applies really smoothly and it was basically opaque after one coat, but I applied a second coat to be sure.

I didn't apply a topcoat or base coat and this is the result I got so maybe using those, it would be even better!

I think this is a really sophisticated pretty shade, and I think Barry M have done a great job :D
Have you tried any of the Hi shine polishes, or any of the other Barry M nail paints?

Lots of love,


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