Sunday, 18 August 2013

MUA 'Undress your skin' foundation review.

Hey everyone,

A few weeks ago I bought the new MUA undress your skin illuminating foundation from Superdrug for £5.  It's really cheap and I watched Miss Budget Beauty's video about it and she was really impressed with it, so I thought I'd give it a try! I don't usually buy foundation because it's hard for me to find a shade pale enough, and I don't really like wearing it as it's not completely necessary for me personally. But I thought for £5 this one was worth a try.

Firstly, the colour is really good for my skin tone. I got the palest shade; and it isn't orange at all. It looks exactly like my own skin. When it's applied, it isn't noticeable at all because it blends in immediately and isn't cakey whatsoever. For such a cheap foundation, I was expecting it to be quite cakey and nasty but I actually prefer this to every other foundation I have because the quality is so so good.

The packaging looks quite cheap unfortunately, but I can live with this, as it fits easily into my makeup bag and unlike some bottles, you don't have to worry about it leaking or breaking. The product squeezes out of a little hole at the end which isn't a brilliant way of getting the foundation out, but it's not awful.  I find that either a tiny bit comes out, or absolutely loads, so that can be pretty annoying, but it does the job.

The foundation is a light to medium coverage in my opinion, as it covers up small imperfections really nicely, but doesn't fully  mask them, so your natural skin can still show through. I think it's such a nice coverage as it isn't thick at all and you can barely tell it's on the skin. On the other hand, it is buildable if you want more coverage and I wouldn't describe it as sheer or light.

It claims to be an 'illuminating foundation' which springs negative connotations to my mind, such as 'full of glitter', 'really sparkly' and 'fake'. Although it does revive and wake up your complexion, I've never seen any glittery particles or anything, so don't be put off by that! It is brightening, but it isn't fake looking or princess-esque.

Overall, I am so impressed with this foundation as it's so affordable and so amazing. I would definitely recommend this to everyone! Also a big thank you to Miss Budget Beauty as I probably wouldn't have even considered getting this if it wasn't for her amazing review. I think MUA are bringing out some amazing products lately: their lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and eyeliners are all great too, and so affordable. Have you tried anything from MUA?

Lots of love,


  1. Fab review. Ive had my 'undress your skin' for a while now and you've just reminded me about it! :)

    Jo x

  2. That is a great product for the money. I hate that some pale shades go orange! I'll have a look at this next time I'm in Superdrug!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. This seems so good for the price it is! I need to try this! :D xx

  4. I've tried MUA eyeshadows and they are amazing :) I didn't really like the lipsticks though xx

    1. I love the eyeshadows too, i have the palettes :) and I have one lipstick but I'm not really keen on it either. I'm not sure if it's the bad colour or if the formula is actually bad :P xxx


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