Thursday, 15 August 2013


Hey everyone,
So this is just going to be a little update on some things I have been up to recently! I haven't blogged for a while because of the hectic start my summer has had, so I htought it would make sense to share a few adventures I've been on...
I broke up from school about a month ago (yaaaay)! I'm so happy because I worked really hard this year in all my exams and I found it quite stressful, so it's amazing to have some time off to see friends and family, and generally have lots of fun. I am positive baout going back to school, and I am going to try to be soo organised (go to bed early, eat healthily, do all my homework straight away etc).

Me and my two best friends (Tom and Lydia) on camp

Me and Lydia
Lydia 5 STRAND BRAIDED my hair! :O :D
I went on a Christian summer camp for a week, one which I've been on since I was 10. As always, it was such an incredible week as I got to see my best friends who I barely ever see as they all live in Wales, and also I was so encouraged in my faith as a Christian. My best friend Lydia who I met on camp when I was 10, means so much to me and I tell her everything, but as we hardly ever see each other spending a whole week being stupid together was so fun. It's been a huge highlight of my year so far, and I already miss it so much! I hate saying goodbyes to everyone, knowing I won't see them for at least several months, and it was pretty embarrassing crying in front of everyone (Wish I wasn't so emotional haha). I met so many new people who by the end of the week I'd become so close to I could actually call them best friends! Weird situation :p
So I had so much fun on camp, going on trips, staying in a dorm with all my best friends, learning about God and having spontaneous heart to hearts with people I've known for a matter of days.

Me and my siblings in Mexico!

I went to Mexico for two weeks!! I think I mentioned I was going, but I decided against doing lots of 'how I packed my makeup bag' type posts because a. I was unsure about everyone knowing where I was and that I was away from home, for obvious reasons. b. I didn't want to keep going on about going on about it, because it's not that interesting to other people who didn't go. Anyway, I had such an incredible time there!
Starbucks in playa del carmen! ahhh
So I got back today and I am really jetlagged. I have been awake for 24 hours because of weird time differences and 10 hour flights and complicated problems, ao I am so tired and I feel like it's the middle of the night, yet in England it's 10AM. I feel completely put off flying now! The aeroplane was nasty to say the least, and I wouldn't want to go on a 10 hour flight ever again. Sat in a tight seat next to one brother who screams if I 'nudge' him and another brother who bounces around for 10 hours and won't let me sleep, was a very...unique experience. Everyone had their own mini TV where they were showing films, but nothing really attracted me. It was cool as I saw two sunsets in one Mexico and in England! When we put our suitcases on the conveyor belt, all of our luggage was a LOT over the allocated weight per person. We got into quite a problem, as my dad has a separate bag for all of his scuba diving equipment which was 10 Kilos over, and he was saying 'MY BCD ISN"T EVEN 10 KILOS! HOW CAN I FIT TO 10?' Pretty comical really, until they demanded we hand over all of our electronic devices for them to weigh...Mexican airports are definitely interesting!
Incredible Mexican sunset!

The beaches are so golden and soft and the sea is a turquoise jewel stretching out into the pastel horizon; it's so idyllic. By far the prettiest place I've ever travelled to! I tried to take as many photos as I could.
The beautiful ocean
Me, my mum and my sister <3
Mexico is such a beautiful place. We stayed right on the coast about an hour away from Cancun, in such a stunning resort! The weather was sooo hot and humid so my hair wasn't amazingly cooperative but it was worth it. I went in the pool and sea basically every single day, so now I'm in a bad routine of washing my hair every single day. I got so sunburnt there despite wearing factor 50 all over! And I am covered in mosquito bites, but I had injections to go so I will be fine.

Boring plane journey
Sipping a tropical 'mocktail' by the pool
We went on a lot of trips, the most exciting being swimming with sharks. Literally, they weren't caged or anything, I was just wearing a bikini and a snorkel and I swam right next to them! I was terrified but I'm so glad I did it in the end, as 'swimming with sharks' seems quite a cool claim to fame. And mexico is one of the only places in the world you can do it, and it's only in the months July and August! We also went to an ecological waterpark and to see the ancient Mayan temples, which was really interesting although the intense heat is my excuse for not listening much. Although when the tour guide came right in my face and said 'Hasta la vista, baby!' I was pretty shocked ;P

Reading 'looking for Alaska' by the sea 

So what has everyone been up to recently? I am going camping but apart from that I'm home now. I loved all the business, but I'm glad to be in my own room, especially as I'm in the process of decorating it!

Lots of love,



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