Friday, 16 May 2014

My top 5 drugstore makeup products | Handpicked Beauty

I absolutely love drugstore/ high street makeup products; most of my makeup is from there! I love the bright packaging, cheap prices and the quality :) 

I thought I would show some of my favourite products from the high street with you! I haven't been blogging much this week as I have had loads of exams (I hate making excuses like that but it's actually true) It is GCSE time!! 

Hope you like the video, comment below your favourite products from the drugstore! :)

Emma xxx



  1. Oh great picks! I think that eyeshadow set looks wonderful.

  2. I've tried Maybelline's Rockets mascara before and loved it! And it seems as though every blogger raves about that Lasting Perfection concealer but sadly they don't sell it in my country! (Oh Dubai..) x

    1. the mascara is so amazing! Ahh, I would LOVE to live in Dubai!! :) <3

  3. Maybelline does have amazing mascara! Sometimes drugstore products can seem better than high-end!

  4. I am definitely allll about the Kate lipsticks still. I just can't seem to get enough of them even though they were brought out quite a while ago now. The drugstore definitely have some amazing products!

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  5. I love the MUA palettes - who doesnt?! - but I'm so glad you mentioned the Rimmel blush! I love mine and feel that they do not get the credit they deserve!

    Love your blog - found and followed you via bloglovin!



    1. I totally agree, the blushes are so amazing and definitely need more recognition! :) Thank you so much <3


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