Friday, 4 July 2014

My Summer bucket list for 2014! ♡

Exams are done and I feel so excited for this Summer!! I have seen a few other bloggers do posts about their bucket lists for the Summer, and I thought it seemed like a fun idea! I have compiled a list of 25 things and when I complete them I will strike through them :)

dance in the rain
go stargazing
make my own ice lollies
Go to a charity shop
Sleep on the trampoline
Have a picnic in the woods
swim in the sea
take my sister out somewhere
draw a picture that I can be proud of
make a sharpie mug
go camping
play monopoly from start to finish
build a blanket fort and sleep in it
get a henna tattoo
do yoga one morning
learn a song on the guitar
build a waterslide and have a water balloon fight
walk in the rain without an umberella
make a necklace
have a teaparty in the garden
get an ear piercing
say yes to a crazy idea
get a flower press and press some flowers
make macarons
use a fake name at starbucks

I also made a YouTube video of these ideas, so if you want to watch it here it is:

Hope this made you feel summery (even if like me you live in the cold realms of England)



  1. Aww what a cute list, I hope you get it all done! I'll have a recipe up on my blog soon for some healthy ice lollies, they're so easy to make :) xx

    1. thank you! I will definitely have a look at it when it is posted :) <3

  2. Brilliant list!
    You've got some really good ideas on there - I may have to try and do some myself.

    Rachael at

  3. What a cute little list! I really want to get some henna tattoos this summer, I had some last year and they looked so nice x

    1. thanks! I love them, they are so beautiful! <3

  4. I'm a list maker myself! Get your ears pierced its so worth it. I hope you get your whole list done. You got this haha :)

    Never Forgotten

    1. haha thanks! I hope I do get them pierced :) <3

  5. This is an amazing cute list. Hope you achieve all these things in the summer x


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