Friday, 17 May 2013

Maybelline the Rocket Volum' express mascara ♡ |Handpicked Beauty

Hey everyone!
So lately I have been trying out a new mascara from Maybelline called The Rocket Volum' Express.
 I have never tried a Maybelline mascara and I have heard mixed reviews so I was eager to try one out for myself!
I think mascara is an amazing way to open up your eyes, so I get so excited over buying them. :D

When I was choosing which to get, I was drawn to this one because of its bright packaging and the mascara wand was out on display which I always like as you can have a proper idea of what the product will be like.
The packaging I really like, the blue and pink stands out in my makeup drawer and I generally think it looks cool and bright! The only downside is that I keep all my mascaras standing up in a jar and it doesn't fit because the shape is a little weird.

The wand is pink (although you never see it obviously) and it is rather large. It is EXTREMELY volumising! This can be really great, but it can also be quite annoying especially if you are looking for a natural eye look. I usually just tickle my lashes with the edge of the wand to avoid too much volume for school. It says "Too fast for clumps" and it does apply very quickly. You blink and you suddenly have really long lashes! However as I mentioned in my April Favourites Video, it can get quite clumpy so I don't think that statement is true. If you are someone with very short eyelashes you would love this product!
The wand has lots of little tiny branches coming off it, and I find that these can prickle my eye when I am applying it. Does anyone else have this problem?
This mascara is so long lasting; I apply it at 7 o clock and it still looks just as nice at 10!
With the mascara

With no mascara

Overall I really like this mascara, as it can be super volumising or you can adapt the way you apply it for a more subtle look.

Hope you liked this review everyone, and don't forget my giveaway finishes on the 26th May! I can't wait to find out the winner :D

Have you tried any Maybelline mascaras?

Lots of love,
Emma-Kate xxx


  1. Looks really good hun xx

  2. Looks good, dear! xx :D

  3. I love this product so much! Been using it for 5 months already.. Great post! :)

  4. I've never tried but this one looks really good!!

  5. Now I'm planning to get this one! you're so pretty btw xx


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