Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My Favourite Drugstore Skincare Products!

Hey everyone, 
Today I thought I'd show you some of my favourite drugstore skincare products, which are super affordable yet leave my skin feeling clean and happy! The ones I have reviewed are linked in their name :) 

Olay Gentle cleansing milk: This cleanser is super gentle so is perfect for sensitive skin, it removes mascara and foundation really well. It's never broken me out and is great if your skin is dehydrated or blemished as it's so soothing! I use this and then use a toner to remove all the excess. 
(The one I have linked has different packaging but is more or less the same product)
Price: £2.24

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser: As I have raved about before, this moisturiser is great for oily skins as it moisturisers without creating any excess sebum which can clog your pores. It's a perfect base for makeup, and they also have a dry skin version which I use in Winter or if my skin is dehydrated :)

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Scrub: This face exfoliater gently removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores, without drying the skin out and over-exfoliating it. The fresh grapefruit scent helps to wake me up in the morning, and this brightens my complexion amazingly well!

Clean and Clear fast action spot clearing gel: This spot remover is a gem! I use it every time I get a blemish before bed and in the morning the redness has died down significantly and the spot isn't so puffy. I then use it until it goes completely (about 2 days). This works amazingly and I would really recommend it!
Price: Couldn't find the exact price but I'm pretty sure it's around £4

Bodyshop Night and Day moisturiser: I won't go into too much detail as I already have reviewed these moisturisers, but they are both so hydrating and amazing! They leave my skin so soft and smooth...ahhh :)
Price: £10 and £11

Clean and Clear blackhead removing facial scrub: I've used this facial scrub for a few years now, and I must be on my 6th tube or something crazy! If you suffer from clogged pores and blackheads, I would definitely recommend it as it gently removes dirt, dead skin and excess oil which has been on your face all day. It removes every trace of dirt from the skin and also brightens the complexion! The little micro beads unclog the pores and after a few days use, the majority of my blackheads are gone or at least greatly reduced. I can't rave about this enough, it is AMAZING! 
Price: £3.99

Simple Kind to skin soothing facial toner: I have used this toner before and I recently repurchased it and I was so impressed with it. It tightens the pores, removes any last traces of makeup and cleans the skin so nicely. It isn't too harsh as some toners unfortunately are, and it doesn't sting or irritate the skin in any way. I love the fact it doesn't sting the eyes as it means it is perfect to use to remove stubborn mascara!
Price: £2.99

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  1. My skin has never taken to any Olay products sadly :( xx

  2. Hey, I was reading your "about me" and it says your fourteen! I am too! Kind of random, haha! I just thought that was cool, because there aren't very many young beauty bloggers!

  3. The simple range is so good isn't it? :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  4. I really like the Vitamin E cream from the body shop, it smells great as well doesn't it!
    Poppy | far away

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