Sunday, 10 March 2013

How I organise my pamper drawer!

hey everyone,
So this weekend has been crazy for me, I had planned to write lots of posts, do all my homework and organise myself, but I became very ill on friday and stayed in bed basically all weekend so I couldn't get anything done! So frustrating! I'm feeling slightly better today but I have a really sore throat and a cough.
Anyway, I thought I thought I'd share with you how I organise my 'Pamper Drawer'. It's a little crazy, but whenever it's my birthday I always get tons of toiletries and bath stuff because everyone knows I am into things like that. So over time I've built up quite a collection, and I loveeee this drawer! I love opening it and picking what bubble bath I'm going to use, it's kind of a hobby, and it smells amazing! As I am naturally a very tidy person, I love the fact that everything has it's own category. This drawer used to be super messy, but now I have organised it I thought I'd show you to give you a few ideas on how to store your bath stuff! I mean everyone needs wants a pamper drawer, especially if you love having a good soak in the bath and having a bit of me time. :)

I have sorted everything using these drawer dividers from IKEA. My drawers are from there too, so the dividers fit perfectly and honestly, they help me so much to stay neat. I have them in every drawer!

 I have all my hair care things in one section. Basically this is all of my shampoo and conditioner, hair masks, styling creams and dry shampoo.

I then have a section for my soaps and hand creams. Honestly, I don't really use these that much but s I have quite a few I like to keep them in here, and they smell gorgeous! Especially the Cath Kidston ones :)

I love all of my body butters so much! I keep them in one of the big drawer dividers and it is so nice when they are all organised and pretty!

In this section I store my shower gels, bubble bath, bath syrups and exfoliators. I don't have that many exfoliators so that's why I keep them with the other body washes.

Finally, in this part I keep face masks, deodrantt, body poofs(?), a cooling foot spray and a back massager. So basically all the little random essentials which don't fit into any another category!

At the side of the drawer I just keep my nail varnishes in a box and my tooth paste and things, so I didn't put in a picture because it's not that interesting!
I hope you liked this post, and if you want some more organisation posts like how I organise my desk, just comment below!

Lots of love,


  1. great post, i try to be organised but it never works :(
    btw how do you get the icons at the side of your blog of pinterest and twitter? Have been wondering how to do it for ages now. Thanks xxx

    1. i just inserted a widget and then linked it to my twitter page :) xxx

  2. That is very organised! Xx

  3. This was so good to read, great post! Everything looks so tidy, I wish I was more neat!

    Thank you for the follow, I love your blog - I'm following back! xx

    1. thankyou! i love your blog as well, it's amazing! xxx

  4. You have some amazing products!!! I love your blogggg

    Please check out and follow my blog! I'd really appreciate it! <3

  5. Literally love your blog!!!!
    You are inspiring and give me tonnes of ideas!!!!

    1. that's great :) thankyou, you are so sweet xxxx

  6. Wow! I wish I had a whole pampering drawer! haha! I found your blog through a comment on Glossed Beauty, and I really like it! I Followed you!


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