Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review of Maybelline colour tattoo eyeshadow in Pink Gold!

Hey everyone,
So today I am reviewing a really pretty cream eyeshadow I recently bought from the Maybelline Colour tattoo 24hr range, called Pink Gold, for £4.99. I don't really have many cream eyeshadows and I have been wanting to buy a proper eye primer as I experiment more with eyeshadows, but I am not really prepared to splash out on an expensive one at this stage! So when I saw this in Boots, I immediately picked it up because cream eyeshadows can be great substitutes for primers. For some reason on the Boots website, it shows this colour as being brown, but it definitely isn't!

As you can see, the pigmentation is absolutely amazing, and this is with one dab! You could build the colour up a lot more if you wanted to.
It is a beautiful pink shade with flecks of gold, which make your eyes pop. It is perfect for Spring and as the weather gets warmer, as it's so delicate like a little flower :) The packaging is glass, which makes it feel like a high end, expensive product, not some cheap plasticy product, which I love. The label shows the colour really nicely which makes it stand out in your makeup bag or drawer.

It looks great under other eyeshadows, such as a white one in the centre of the eyelid to make the eyes appear brighter, and a brown colour in the crease, however it also looks really pretty on it's own just all over the lid, and it is super quick to do so you can look great in about 5 seconds! I also think you could use a liner brush to apply this on the waterline to make you appear more awake and to make your eyes stand out more. I think I might do a FOTD with this, because it's just soo nice.

I know Mac have a great range of cream eyeshadows and I am dying to try 'Bare study' but as I said I'm only 14 and it's not the sort of thing I can spend a lot on. :( 
Overall I think this is a gorgeous eye colour and I would recommend it to anyone. I think it would compliment all eye colours as the flecks of gold just add instant love to your eyelids, especially blue eyes! 

I hope you liked this review, have you tried any of these eyeshadows? Are the Mac ones worth the hype, or comparable if you have both? I will definitely be buying more of these.

Lots of love,

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  1. OMG i have the same pink heart shaped candle! that's so weird!!!lol xx


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