Sunday, 31 March 2013

My little sister does my makeup!

Hey everyone,
So today I have a kind of crazy video for you, it's me and my little sister just chilling out as she does my makeup! It's going up on my actual youtube channel, and it would mean loads to me if you liked and subscribed! You will be able to see how crazy me and my family are. Some proper posts, such as a desk organisation and reviews are coming soon, this is just a one of video for my youtube channel. Thanks guysss! xxx
Also happy Easter! What a beautiful day :)


  1. very well edited for your first video! What editing software do you use? Im subbed now well done! also what camera did you use? xx

    1. aww thanks libby! I use iMovie, just because it came with my computer :) I use a canonpowershot SX1015 :) thankyou! xxxxx


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