Friday, 1 March 2013


Hey everyone,
So it's the 1st of March! Justin Bieber's birthday actually ;)
I thought I'd start doing posts like this at the start of each month, to set goals for myself and to help me stay positive! I love March, as it's my birthday and the start of spring, and I'm seeing One Direction in a few weeks which I am crazily excited about. I'll definitely do a post with photos and videos after the concert.

The first thing I want to do in March is to eat healthily. Eat more fruit and veg and drink lots of water! I eat quite healthily already; I don't eat crisps or have fizzy drinks but I need to start eating some more fruit. I also need more iron in my diet! And more food in general.

Also I want to get all of my homework done the day I get it. This is a huge task for me because although I am very organised, I tend to leave homework to the last minute. I always get it done but I end up rushing it, and get stressed because I have too much!

I want to start writing more. I mean creative writing, as English is my favourite subject and I LOVE to write! It sounds a bit silly but I can spend hours writing stories and descriptions and things, and it's just a fun thing I like to do. :)

I also want to write to my friends more, as I write to a lot of people and lately I've been really far behind.

Another thing is that I need to start going to bed earlier as I am so behind on sleep and it's really bad when I almost fall asleep at school, although to be fair maths is so so boring. ;)

And finally, concerning my blog I want to have more varied posts! Maybe some OOTD's or things like that, just comment below what sort of posts you want. I like doing writing ones like this, but I love photography and I love doing DIY's and reviews as well! My blog is having a total makeover as one of my friends is an expert in html, so I hope that's all done at the end of March! I mean new header, background, colour scheme etc. And when I get to 100 followers, whether it be this month or another month, I am hoping to do a really fun giveaway! :D x

So yeah, I hope at the end of March I can look back at this post and say it's been a great month! What are you ambitions for March?

Lots of love,
Emma-Kate xxx
Me and Finley shaking hands ;) x

Also thanks for 75 followers! Eeep, I'm smiling so much right now :)


  1. I think that is a great thing to do! Actually, my best friend and I have been emailing each other our monthly goals and updating each other, just to keep ourselves on track! :)

    1. that's such a good idea! I might start doing that :) xxx

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster award :) check it out on my blog!! :D

    Lexii <3

    1. thankyou so much! I've actually already done a leibster post, but thanks so much for the nomination! that is so sweet xxxx

  3. Hi Emma-Kate, I have just discovered your blog and it's beautiful! I love the style and your reviews mixed up with DIY posts. Consider me your newest member.

    It would mean the world to me if you checked out my new beauty blog, and if you liked it, became a member.

    I can't wait to read your feature post, especially any OOTD!

    Hazel X

    1. that is so sweet! thankyou so much, I love your blog as well! xxxx

  4. I like reading your blog hun, yay for varied posts, I am trying them too xx

  5. The speech is so cute and inspiring *___* love ya blog :D
    XOXO Abby


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