Thursday, 21 March 2013

My birthday!

Hey everyone,
So yeah...I haven't posted for 2 weeks on Sunday. I have been very very ill, and crazily busy/stressed but I don't need to go into it because I don't think it matters! I enjoy blogging and it's not about how often you post, so things are slowly coming back to normal and I'm trying not to let it get me down that I've been unable to blog.
Anyway, today is my 14th birthday! Eeek, I should be revising for a really important exam on Monday but I can't...I mean it's my birthday! I thought I'd show a few pictures and things of the day because it will be fun to look back on, and I think you might be interested in a few things I got :D

So on Tuesday I went to see One Direction which was crazzzayyy. They are my favourite band (Sorry, typical 14 year old) and it was worth the ridiculously overpriced ebay tickets because the view was incredible and Harry waved at me and Niall blew me a kiss. I was freaking out! Their songs were so good, and they were so interactive with everyone and lovely to the fans :) I can't include many photos because my friends don't really want everyone to see them, and rhe quality of them was rubbish :P

Anyway, this morning I woke up to a cup of tea and my family :) I felt so lucky, even though everyone was half asleep at 7 and blearily handed me presents but the fact they got up amazed me! And my other brother Ben is in France (I am so jealous) so he wasn't there. Ben is so talented at the piano and composing music, and he actually has an album on iTunes! It's called 'The last leaves' so be sure to have a look and he says he couldn't control the bad price :S
So my mum and dad got me an iphone, which I am so happy about because my old phone was awful and was on pay as you go so I basically never topped up, and yeah it was terrible. Most of the pictures are taken on my new phone so the quality is great, I'm so impressed as I won't have to faff about with m y actual camera for my blog :)
I also got this blog inc book which seems so interesting and I hope I get some great tips for this blog.

I got sent cards and things from my family and friends, and I actually won a giveaway from the lovely! I have never ever won a giveaaway and for the prizes to be sent on my birthday is awesome. I won two MUA palettes which I can't wait to try and I will be reviewing so soon.

I got some lovely bits and pieces today, so thanks everyone! It's been so special, and bring on being 14! I know my blog isn't the best but I love everyone who reads and I'm so proud and bubbly about it :)

Also, I should quickly say I've heard all this scary stuff about GFC closing, and that is were all my followers are! :( So I've migrated over to Bloglovin' and I've linked it basically everywere on my blog, so it looks like I have 0 followers again but oh well. I class my Bloglovin' followers as my actual followers from now on and I will be doing giveaways on that. It's a shame about GFC but ahh I guess these things happen!

Love you everyone,

PS: It's been one of those jumbled, chatty posts so sorry if you don't like it but I thought it would be fun instead of just ignoring everything that's been happening! Like I said, reviews are to come and I'M BACK. :)


  1. Happy birthday! That is awesome :) That book sounds really great!

    1. thankyou :) yeah I can't wait to read it! I'll do a review when I have xxx

  2. Hope you had a great birthday!! x

    1. thanks hannah! I had a great day thanks :) xxx


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