Friday, 22 March 2013

MUA Heaven and Earth palette!

Hey everyone,
So this product from Superdrug has been hyped up so much, it has been hailed a dupe for the Urban Decay palettes and for £4 it is known as an amazing drugstore palette! I've wanted to get my hands on this for ages, and as it turns out I recently won a giveaway by Catherine! It's my first ever giveaway win so yeah I'm pretty happy and it arrived on my birthday too with the Undress me too palette. I will do a review of that too if you want but it was a bit much to fit both in one post complete with swatches and my full opinion.

The colours are all neutral, very wearable shades, so they are perfect for someone like me who only wants quite a subtle eyeshadow look, but this palette also leaves you with an option to build the colour up as it has some darker shades. The colours are all shimmery, some more than others but they aren't too shiny, it's just tiny little glitters! The pale colours are great bases especially the shimmery champagne colour which would look great in the inner corner of the eye, with maybe one of the darker browns in the crease. I can't wait to experiment with all the fun shades! 

This is just a simple eye look I created from this palette just using the neutrals as a base and the deep browns in the crease! I also used a liner brush to line the pale and dark colours across my waterline :) I haven't used any other products in this photo including mascara or eyeliner because I wanted you to see the full results. 

I have swatched all of the colours (which have no names sadly) on my arm but I feel like this photo doesn't really do it justice! They are so pigmented with especially strong darker colours, and I always consider it a good thing when eyeshadows are hard to get off! As you can see the lighter colours haven't showed up too well but in actual life they are just as pigmented as the others so I've given them their own picture to show you :)

I haven't actually tried any of the Urban Decay palettes as I haven't been into makeup for that long and obviously the price is a little high for a school girl who's only income is pocket money and hand made cards. So I haven't bought them yet but I probably will one day, when I'm a grown up I'm sure that's what I'll spend my money on! :D

This palette is awesome, and for the price the colours are so strong and pigmented and I'm sure this will become my everyday go to eyeshadow palette.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Hithere^^,
    I really like those colors, I think they are very werarable and not to extraordinary. Very great for every day.
    XOXO Abby

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the palettes! I need to pick sme up myself, great review :) x


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