Thursday, 14 February 2013

Chilled out thursday! And a random chatter :) x

Hey everyone, and happy valentines day! I hope if you have a valentine you are spoiled and are having an awesome, cherished day, and if you don't, you are having a beautiful time with a film, chocolate and a teddy! ;) I haven't got a valentine but I love the love which is around today! It's so sweet :)

Anyway, asides from valentines day I'm having a relaxing day today. My week so far hasn't been too great; yesterday it was snowing and a horrible unknown boy from my school thought it was funny to kick me as I was walking home, and I feel face forward into the ice in front of a lot of people and now have a grazed and bruised knee! Ah well, at least it made him have a good day :) I've also felt quite unconfident lately as I started using a new moisturiser and a great spot has emerged...hmmm. Coupled with the fact my hair has looked horrible! However I've been really enjoying reading Hebrews in the bible each night before I go to sleep and I've learnt some amazing things which have really encouraged me :) Also I write to quite a few friends who live a long way away and their letters are so sweet! Sorry for not replying yet girlies! I had a drama exam on Tuesday. It wasn't an official exam but I panic so much over one little assessment-having to memorise everything is tough. We are doing mask work at the moment so there is no speech required-just big physicality! I much prefer 'normal' drama where I can talk and not be embarrassed but it's been fun doing something different.

Anyway, onto 'releasing thursday' after that random update which got a bit out of hand, haha! I'm going to have an amazing bubble bath and wash my hair, although I have no bath bombs unfortunately so I'll have to cope, use a face mask and read 'PS: I love you!" I featured it in my last haul, and I'll do a review when I've finished if you want. It's great, however I cry every time I read a new chapter as it's so sad :( I would say don't read this if you get upset easily(I would have loved someone to tell me this!) Once I've started reading it I have to see it through though-so I'll cry when I'm in the bath ;)

Then I'll blow-dry and straighten my hair, which is a treat as I only do this once a week so as not to damage my hair. After that I'll put on some cosy pyjamas and snuggle up to watch waterloo road(addiction!) What do you all think about what's happening on it? It's sooo tense ;)

I'll then have to do any last minute homework, sort out my school stuff and then settle down into bed to read more of PS:I love you, and my bible!

Also, I passed my grade 10 ice skating on Saturday so I have to now chose between freestyle or dance! What do you think guys, I'm wayyyy too indecisive ;)

Thanks for reading, this isn't my typical post but it's been fun to just have a chat, and I will hopefully do some reviews and things soon.

Lots of love,


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