Sunday, 10 February 2013

Haul! x

Hello! As promised, I have a really fun haul for you first ever one! I went shopping with my friends yesterday and then had a crazy sleepover, and I had quite a big splurge on random things! It was a great day yeah! I hope you like this post because I really enjoyed doing it :)

Firstly, I went into Cath Kidston. If you know me, you will know it's not really possible for me to go in there and leave empty handed, as I am in love with that shop! I bought a candle holder which is soooo cute, for only 75p! Bargain! I think it would look amazing all lit up, and it goes with my room amazingly. I also bought a stripy face flannel, which I will use with my cleanser. Both were bargains and I'm super happy! :D

I then went  into Waterstones and bought 3 books! I am so happy with this because I love to read, but I read books so quickly that I don't want to spend a lot on a book I will finish in a few days. However there were some great deals, and two of these books were only £2.99! I am so excited to have a read each night because I don't read that much, and just relax! I'll let you guys know how I get on. :)

Next I went into hollister and picked up this shirt. I have nothings like this, so I thought it looked really cool and floaty and unusal which I like. I also think it would be great to slip on over a bikini at the beach, or over a cami top with boots on a casual summer day! Or maybe tucked into shorts...what do you think? I've not had anything like this before so I need help on how to style this ;)

A new stationary shop has opened near me, called 'Blot', and it is full of really cute stuff! It's so nice, and I picked up this pencil with a red diamond on the end because it fells really luxurious and might make school more bearable. ;) 

I then bought two belts from 'Claires'. It's weird because I haven't been there since I was a little excited girl wanting princess things and fake earrings, but I went in and saw these and bought them straight away! I think the chunky red belt would look great with a dress and the vintage white one would look great as an everyday accessory. 

Ok, I then went into pound land. After reading athriftymrs's post about poundland makeup, I thought it would be cool to have a look and I ended up coming home with quite a few things! I bought 19 gluesticks for £2 (they are great for school), a leave in conditioner from Pantene to try, some nail buffer blocks which I have used and loved, and a Rimmel concealer! The concealer isn't too bad but they only had one shade. I would have looked at the makeup for longer but I think my friends thought it was a bit strange that I was rummaging through poundland for cheap makeup! If I buy more I'll do a post another time!

I was so excited to buy this 'Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer' after hearing so many great reviews! It was sold out in Boots but they had one left in Superdrug so I snapped it up very quickly. Look out for a review! ;)

I also picked up three of the Rimmel apocalips in boots in the shades Celestial, Luna and Stellar! I'll upload a review with swatches and full details tomorrow.

 I then bought the Soap and Glory 'Kick Ass Concealer' which I've wanted for ages! So in the day, I bought 3 concealers...erm...

 I then got a sample of the new YSL foundation which I haven't tried yet but it seems great!
And the lush times....who can resist ;)

Hope you enjoyed my first ever haul!

Have a sweet day, 



  1. Great haul! x

  2. great haul, its lovely to see some variety with different things :) also love the shirt!


  3. I did couple of hauls recently too :) and I've been seeing them a lot recently! I will be looking out for your review on the rimmel lipglosses! Also the shirt is really nice! xx

  4. Nice haul :)
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  5. I think that top from Hollister would look great denim shorts in summer, and in winter maybe with a black body-con skirt, black tights and boots

  6. Try the local charity shops for books if you read them quick they will be second hand but very cheap usually under £2 or look at

    Charlotte x


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