Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Primark lip stain review!x

Hey everyone,
firstly sorry if you don't live in an area accessible to Primark and you are getting sick of all these Primark-esque posts; this is the last one I promise! I just felt I had to review this product because I have been so surprised and pleased it felt wrong to keep it to myself.
If you have been to Primark, you will know as you are swamped in the huge queue, there are lots of baskets beckoning you, filled with cheap, random things such as nail varnishes, vaseline, mini cleansers and cute socks. It is these baskets which snare me the most; if I see something in there, I quickly grab it before I buy the actual products, adding another £5+ to the overall price! Very clever Primark...who can relate?!?
Anyway, I was in this situation a few weeks ago. This was the time I dropped something in the horrendously long queue, only noticed as I was about to pay and helplessly crawled through masses of ankles and shoes to find the £3 top I had dropped. Yes that was me. I saw one of these lipstains in the baskets and for £1.50, I grabbed it and thrust it onto the till along with my other purchases. This was the birth of a lip stain I use almost every day and I love it lots!
After that unnecessarily  long introduction (sorry, just skip to this part;)) let's get onto to the product itself! Firstly, the pigmentation is incredible. It is so bright and is way better than the terrible one I bought from Rimmel for £5! It lasts for absolutely ages as well!

I use this a little like a lipliner. I go over my cupids bow to add some definition, and I also go arounf my lip line to highlight the shape! Sometimes I fill my whole lips in, and other times I just use another lipstick, or lip balm over and the Primark lipstain subtly adds more shape to that effect.

With one stroke! :D
One downside is that if you accidentally apply it on your face or something, because it is so strong it's super hard to get off, so don't apply too much! Also the packaging is cheap but for £1.50 I'm not exactly complaining!
The applicator is literally just like a felt tip so it's so easy to apply, and you barely need any power to get a strong colour across.

I was getting bored of not taking a good picture....
Ignore the hair clip, I couldn't get the lipstain to stop rolling along my desk! Urghh

Thanks for reading, 
Have a sweet day! :) 

Emma-Kate xxx


  1. ooooh might have to try this now, have been looking for a great lip stain for ages

  2. Might give this a try just so happens im popping to primark tomorrow! x


    1. oh wow haha that's lucky! i recommend it, they are really good! btw they sell them at the little baskets near the counters :( Hope you
      find one!xxx

  3. I miss Primark :( I moved and now there isn't one for miles but I can definitely relate with the picking up things at the tills. I collected so many socks I didn't need this way!!

    Looks like a lovely product :)



    1. aww, that's annoying :( yeah same, I have loads of the fluffy socks and slip on slippers haha! :P xxx

  4. What a gorgeous shade! I'm Canadian, so I don't have the first clue what Primark is :P But it sounds like you can find some great steals! This colour looks lovely on you :)

    xx http://stephsbeautyboutique.blogspot.ca/

    1. ahh, that's a shame! it's basically a really cheap clothes and accessories shop in the uk, but they have started doing a few cosmetics as well! aww thankyou that is so sweet xox

  5. This is so cute! Wish I wasn't American :( Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter have me begging for a Primark haha xx


  6. I have never seen these in Primark I might have to ask my friend who works there to get me one as I really do love the rimmel ones which I have

    Charlotte x


  7. I tested an one of these lip stains on my hand (someone had already opened this one and I didn't wanna open a new one) before buying 2 and hours later with make up remover and scrubbing I still haven't been able to get it off my hand xD


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