Friday, 22 February 2013

Primark and boots haul!

Hey everyone,
Yesterday I went shopping and I bought quite a few things from Primark so I thought I'd show you because they don't have an online shop and it's always fun to see other people's taste in clothes, at least I think! I also went into boots and picked up a few things; I hope you like it! Also, 70!  That is so nice to wake up to as it gives me motivation to do more posts, and it is so lovely that people are reading my blog. I'm only 13 which most of you don't know, so blogging is a big deal for me...thankyou so so much, all of your comments make me smile :) I'm going to try and blog everyday, although some posts will be better than others!

Anyway, to the haul ;)

Firstly, I bought these shoes for £10, I think they are so cute and they go with basically everything! I love the vintage detailing on the insides as well.

I also picked up these really cute slippers for £1.50! Biggest bargain of the day, and they are so cosy!

I couldn't leave without picking up their cotton pads, because they are only £1 and they do a great job. 

These leggings were only £6 and they are so comfy and they go with everything! I love stretchy leggings like this because they are perfect for my ice skating and they are generally really fashionable.

I got this purple long sleeved top because it was super cheap and it's great for layering under other clothes on cold days! I could also see myself using it as a cosy pyjama top. The material is really comfortable and stretchy as well, and I think the colour is so pretty!

I got this top because it has super pretty detail and it was only £5!! It is long at the back and short at the front which I think has a really nice effect.

From Primark I got this gorgeous red/orange dress which I think is perfect for summer days :) The detailing on it is gorgeous and it has a bow on  the back which adds a girly look! I would wear this with a cardigan and sandals, or even the shoes I showed earlier.

I have used the Primark blusher brush, and I was literally amazed by how good it was. I randomly picked it up and it was soooo good! When I saw this foundation/concealer brush for £1.50, I immediately picked it up and it's so soft. I would definitely recommend these! The bronzer brush doesn't look good as I could see the hairs coming out, but on the blusher brush all of the hairs have stayed in place and it has remained really soft and smooth on the skin, even after lots of washes.

I bought some of their tights after hearing amazing things about them, and they seem really comfy and soft.

I purchased the Soap and Glory 'Flake Away' from Boots after hearing lots of great reviews of it! I haven't used it yet but I can't wait to :)
From Boots, I also bought two Barry M nail paints, one textured one called 'Ridley Road' and an all in 1 nail hardener, base coat and topcoat. I have used them and will be posting a review really soon! :D

Thanks for reading everyone,
Lot's of love from
Emma-Kate xxx


  1. Great haul and omg i really want that blue t-shirt from Primark!! :)

  2. Love the orange dress!! I wish I could pull off a colour like that! :( flake away is amazing! And I love your barry M nail colour too! :D its a kinda similar colour to my latest NOTD I posted today in a weird way! :S xx

    1. same! I might do an outfit of the day with it soon! :D ahh good, I can't wait to use it! I'm going to post a review of the nail varnish soon :) yeah it is! :D xxxxx

  3. Great haul you have there, I love those slippers... what a bargain!

    Thanks for following me, I am returning the follow xx

    1. thanks! same, they are so comfy :D thanks xoxox

  4. Slippers for 1.40 pound?

    they are so pretty x

  5. I have the Barry M Base coat and Top coat and I love it! It really is helping my nails. I would love it if you could check out my blog...

    Chloe xx

  6. I love them slippers but I don't think they will do them in my size.

    Charlotte x

  7. Barry M's are my weakness their so good and not so expensive!

    I'm a new follower, check out my blog!

  8. I have that orangey/coral dress its gorgeous and so summery!


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